Quick Sand

Have you ever seen some one you love become a stranger? Have you ever seen the power of drugs in its prime?

Knowing better from the start

now losing things you’ve held so close to your heart.

Suffocating in the quicksand of addiction.

Everything you say is fiction

eyes blinded from direction

mind losing connections

unprodicting actions

feeling no satisfaction

curiosity threw your life away

hopelessly loved ones watch you decay.

December 4, 2011

By: Mihaela Chameberlain

16 thoughts on “Quick Sand

  1. When I worked as a nurse, I saw the damaging effect that drugs had on different patients-kidney problems, mental issues, early death (plus many more).


  2. I’ve never watched addiction take someones life but I have watched the loved ones of others who have been affected. It’s hard to watch someone you love hurt themselves.


  3. This is so heartbreaking… I can tell that you watched a loved one throw their life away. May Jesus continue to comfort and heal the wounds that this tragedy caused. Blessings…

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  4. Addiction is so much harder than most people think. And it is so hard when it’s someone you love but it comes to a point where they have to see the need to change for themselves. We can’t do it for them. Keep praying for them and they God which touch them in a way we may not be able to reach ❤


  5. Heartbreaking; I do know about this firsthand. My oldest brother is an addict and I have watched him become a completely different person. And my father passed away at the young age of 58 in June due to complications from his own drug addiction. It is far more heartbreaking than I could ever even describe in a blog comment. Thank you for sharing your heart on this subject, my heart is very heavy because of the effects of drugs, but I so love seeing the posts about it. We need to get this topic out there so that others know they aren’t alone in facing this, whether they are an addict themselves or if they are the family or friend of an addict.

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    • I agree! Its weird because I talk to a former addict about how they’ve hurt people and they had no idea how much they’ve hurt people until they are sober.


  6. I have never experienced addiction to a drug, but I have experienced it in the form of a person being addicted to someone else. The other person did nothing but hinder and harm the other individual. I sort of felt helpless because there wasn’t anything I could do to help. This is why we all have to hold on to the power of prayer. It is so important.

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  7. Sadly, yes, I have seen this. I’ve also seen God redemptive power bring that person back out of it again. And even though watching and praying for them while they were deceived in that world, the grace and mercy that came out of it was beautiful.


  8. I know many whose lives have been changed forever by the affects of the addictions of loved ones. It becomes such a tragedy, not just in the life of the addict but in everyone around them 😦


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