Be My Escape

Dropping my goals
my drink numbs my soul
Everyday strife
Labor for life
I leave the room with out a care
Cigarette smoke of relief lingers in the crisp air
Bloods drips from my shaken wrist
Why was God so easy to resist?
As the blade hits the floor
I give up on this war
Set this soul free
Come and rescue me
As I drop the beer
You become that something clear
I’m tired of feeling like an outsider
Be my provider
Be my soul receiver
My stress reliever
Maker of the stars
Restore my scars
It’s time to end this facade
and let you be my God.

December 17, 2011
By: Mihaela Chamberlain

Embrace Life

Take the Stand

15 thoughts on “Be My Escape

  1. Oh yes, He will be all that and more! It’s always in the darkest of days His love shines the brightest. He will (and has!) give us more than the enemy who traps us with enticing sins.

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