The Gentlemen

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He initiates, I run. 

He waits, I waver. 

He waits, I play.

He waits, I take a step back. 

He waits, I play.

He waits. 

Will this too much playing make him leave me for sure?

He steps back. Sparks fly.

He waits. Has he given up or is he a gentlemen who knows he’s in love?

    I’m starting a new ministry! I just cant seem to get enough of it. It’s called in a relationship with Peter Echols. So sorry, but it will be only the three of us. Did I say three? Yes, I was not mistaken. Three of us: God and then us. What I’m looking forward to most about this new ministry is learning how to treat him with respect and all the other ministry projects we will be helping with. If you have read The Scariest Road and Goodwill boys you will see why I emphasize treating him with respect. God has brought both of us so far already in singleness and we both have agreed to respect each other and encourage each other in our walks with Christ. 

    The writing above in red is about us these past months. I was unsure, and afraid, but now that we have entered this next step I am thrilled to see where we will be in these next few months.

20 thoughts on “The Gentlemen

  1. We just celebrated 40 years and it was because of the third Person in the center, melding our lives together and erasing the selfishness that so often causes marital discord. You’re on the right track!

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  2. Great poem. I love the image of marriage as a ministry. I also think that a spirit of playfulness can be a valuable asset to have in a marriage.

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