Just One Drink

    I was twenty-one when I started and twenty-one when I quit. I started out of curiosity and ended once I let the guilt sink in deeper than the drink itself. Unfortunately it took me a few shots and drinks in my life to quit.  Every time I would test taste the thought of my siblings lives who have suffered from it would dance in my head. There is a reason why so many children are in foster care, why people have broken pasts, and why Fetal Alcohol Syndrome exists. Four out of eleven of my siblings suffer from Fetal Alcohol because their birth mom’s said “just one drink” once upon a time.

    Lives are taken because of just one drink. Hearts are scarred because someone wanted to have just one. This is why I flee. Just one turns into “what happened last night?” Readers hear the heart of the broken people around you if your wanting to shut me out. I was twenty-one when I started and twenty-one when I quit for the broken children.


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