My Hearts Desire


I long to be a mother someday. Not just any mother, a mother who seeks, and fights for her children the way my parents did for me. I would love to adopt a child and love them as my own because they would be. But maybe that isn’t what God wants for me and who ever I may marry, and I have to be open to that. This is a harsh reality I have to face, that maybe I am not equipped to adopt whether that be financially or emotionally.

  That does not mean I have to quit in my firm belief  in finding children Godly homes to live in. There is still something.There is always something. Not everyone can do Foster care, be in the FBI , or an Astronaut . Readers I have not given up on my desire to adopt. I am not encouraging anyone to quit their desires either. In fact I’m encouraging you to press on. I can still pray for the orphans, for people who are adopting, and people who do foster care. I can donate money to adoption programs or friends who are adopting. There’s always a way to  support our desires if we feel passionate enough about them. 

24 thoughts on “My Hearts Desire

  1. is there any easy way to come up with the money to adopt being single.i never thought 14,900.00 would so hard to come up .with.its frustrating I am ready to give up hope myname is Diana Snyder


    • I have no idea. I just talked with a friend of mine today who her and her husband worked to get their daughter out for three years. I encourage you to press on. Fight for your child. A lot of people do fundraisers, gagarage sales, bake sales, there are also a lot of online things. Others start their own buisiness too.


  2. My husband and I have disused adoption many times but we don’t have any children of our own yet so it’s only been conversation. I personally think that if you have the love of Christ in you, then passing it onto a child, any child really is easy. But not always will God provide children of your own for you and that is in his sovereign plan and yes we need to accept everything as from the hand of God.


  3. Children are total blessings and we are so blessed with our son I can’t even begin to explain. Never give up and continue to pray. Prayer works. God has plans for all of us. Hope to welcome you to the parent club soon.


  4. This is really difficult for you, and I’m glad that you are not losing hope to adopt a child and could be your own. You will be a mother soon, don’t give up God has a plan for you.


    • hi I feel that way too I have been trying to adopt for over 20 years .I will never give up hope I too want to be a mom and give a child as much love as I did as a child .

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  5. I think it is so nice that you want to adopt. I wish many people thought the same way you do! Many couples who can’t have kids just choose to be alone which is totally fine but I think having a kid just takes a family to a whole new level


  6. Keep you faith in God. Never lose hope. He is a God that listen and when the time is right for Him, he will bless you just as verse [1 Samuel 1:9-28]. He is a good God. Put your faith and trust in him!


  7. I am confused I have no support from my family and friends I am selling this and no one is buying I am out of ideas how to come up with the fees


  8. Hugs. I know how you feel. One day it will happen. Maybe look into private adoption. Put the word out to friends and family. Maybe they know of someone in an unfortunate situation who would love for you to care for their baby.


  9. Hugs to you!! I have a cousin for years who tried to be a mother and then tried adoption but never was able to work it out. Then all the sudden a baby fall into her life through private adoption. Hold your head up if it’s meant to be it will be.


  10. You are fighting the good fight. Never give up hope, I’m sure one day you’ll finally be able to adopt a precious young child.


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