My Arbonne Story

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   As you have already heard my name is Mihaela. Outside of Arbonne I am a wife, a writer and the head of Project Hope ministry.

    I first heard about Arbonne a year ago through a friend of a friend. After using some of the skincare and nutrition products I fell in love. Last fall I tried the thirty day cleanse and lost seven inches from my waste. 

I started selling because I want to share the results these products can do and I love how it is for the everyone. Our dream with Arbonne is to continue to use the products and us them to help others as well. All Arbonne funds helps us work toward our dream to adopt. 


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41 thoughts on “My Arbonne Story

  1. I went to an Arbonne party a few years ago, and that’s where I learned mainstream mascara is made with bat dung. Pretty nasty. It’s much better to buy natural makeup like Arbonne!

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  2. I’ve never heard of Arbonne before. I hope you are really successful at saving up for an adoption. They can be terribly expensive. You can also apply for grants and you’ll get some money back on your taxes. It used to be $13,000, which is not much compared to the costs, but it was nice to get some back after everything was all said and done.

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    • What I love is that it’s all well rounded! My husband and I love the nutrition line! I even did the 28 day
      cleanse and lost 7 inches off my waist.


  3. I’ve never heard of Arbonne products before. So I will definitely check them out. Especially that I have wanted to do a cleanse in forever!


    • It is I have still kept about four inches off as well and it has been a year since I have done it. (couldn’t say good bye to carbs forever)


  4. I would love to check Arbonne out and maybe get the chance to help out. Glad that you found them effective and I hope you’re able to reach your goals about adopting soon.


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