When You Tell Me No

As a consultant I love hearing “Yes” But it’s OK to tell me “no”. 

When I hear “no” I hear….

“I can’t afford it.”

“I don’t want to waist your time.”

“It’s not my favorite taste or smell.”

“Maybe another time.”

As someone who is honestly passionate about what I sell seeing some one who enjoys sampling and loving the results is a huge “yes” for me. Even if they tell me they aren’t going to buy anything. I have learned that even if I hear a lot of “no’s” that doesn’t mean they do not like the products and it is NEVER personal. A lot of consultants who are all buissness and no passion hate “no”. Those are the consultant’s who have given the word consultant itself a bad name. Even I would run when I would see some one pull out a buissness card or people who would chase everyone down saying “try this”. 

I invite honesty. I invite sampling for fun. Why? Because I want to people to enjoy the product’s and not feel the need to buy them. I’m ok with “no” I’m also ok with “yes”. 

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39 thoughts on “When You Tell Me No

  1. When I read this post, I see you as someone who can accept a no, and not many sales people are like that. In fact, they can get people into great trouble for buying something they cannot – and that can have repercussions on the work and getting paid! (Can you tell I’m a freelancer, LOL?) This is great. I’ll admit, it can be very difficult to take no for an answer anywhere in life, but it is part of maturity and leads to better results than trying to push for a yes.

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    • Glad you liked it! Hope you were encouraged : ) at times I’ll admit it’s still hard to hear “no” but I don’t believe in pushing products on people.


  2. This is so true. I work in sales, and sometimes you have to flexible and accepting with the answers you get. As far as your business goes for Arbonne, I have heard great things, but I have never tried the products. I will have to check out your storefront. 🙂

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  3. I have a lot of friends who sell products and have held it against me that I don’t buy their products. If I don’t have the money to spend on something we don’t need, I would hope a real friend and someone who can hear a NO would rather I don’t put myself in debt over buying a luxury item.


    • No one should hold it against people for not buying products. Like you said cant go broke over things. Thats why I love Arbonne we have stuff for every day use.

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  4. I love this. I used to be a consultant for Thirty One Gifts and I never hated the word “no” Often times no wasn’t a hard and fast no it was usually a ‘not right now’. I appreciated my friends and family telling me no they couldn’t order rather than going into debt and then resenting me. I think your outlook is great.


  5. This is refreshing. My sister in law sells Rodan and Fields and gets so mad when I say no, but I don’t want it…..I am not going to buy something I don’t need.

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  6. I tend to say no to these a lot, only because I rarely wear makeup. I usually do accept samples though to see if I like it enough to buy some. But honestly, I prefer to buy books.


  7. This is very insightful. You can’t always convince a potential customer to buy what you’re selling them and that doesn’t mean they don’t like you as a person.


    • yeah!!! I always have people sample before buying. There are things people like that I dont and things I like that others may not.


  8. I think this is great. I always feel bad saying no. Especially since many of my friends sell for different companies. I really don’t have the money at this time to buy anything that isn’t a necessity, so it is nice to know that my no thank you isn’t as offensive as I think it is.


  9. lovely blog post! I’m a person who always wanted to say Yes to everyone but one day I understand that it’s not good for me it’s hard but I’m trying


  10. A client recently demanded (imagine this being in bold capital letter) I get his website on page1 – or else. I asked for a marketing budget (oh i full time blogger and digital marketing manager) – he say NO. He want the website on page 1 on google but no marketing budget for it – so I can’t pay for advertising. I agreed to work with him this month but after that – no more as it like hitting a block wall. He said he can’t afford it – yet paid yell (another marketing/advertising avenue based in the UK ) £400 a month. Where the bleeping logic in that.!! So yes I know where you are coming from here. xx


  11. I love this because it is totally OK to say no and it is great when we are able to accept it without getting offended . Great article thank you for sharing

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