My Blogs Story

For those who work with youth I want you to know that what you say is impactful. Reading the small pieces of my youthful heart my youth leader encouraged me to start a blog.

“You should start a blog.”

Those powerful words of encouragement year after year started to make me wonder if maybe my writings are worth reading and maybe she isn’t just being nice. Her blog is here!   When I started sharing my poems with my cousins and a few other people I became more confident in my writing and that is when the blog began. 

So at 16 I kept my journals close and at 20 I published my first writing.

My blog was mine a few years ago before it became ours. In fact it was hidden in journals before even publishing.  Some of my writings are about ten years old.

I am believer and I believe I was given a gift. My spelling may be off and my grammer well…lets not talk about that. My only hope for this blog is that if glorifies God and encourages others in their seasons that they are going through as well.





29 thoughts on “My Blogs Story

  1. Hi Hyla,

    I just got back from youth group, in fact. Is this about me? Thank you. I am honored to have been one of the voices encouraging you onward in using your gifts and passions for God. What a great God he is to give us gifts and then to encourage us to hone those into flame, and that he gets joy and glory out of us using them for him.

    I’m cheering you on from here, and full of pride and love for you, my girl. 🙂

    Jennifer Dougan

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    • Yes you are the youth leader I am referring to in the writing. This blog and out reach would not have ever started with out you encouraging me.


  2. Hyla, so glad you followed your heart and started a blog. Thanks for linking up with Jesus and Coffee this week! Hope you will continue to join us and write where God leads you!

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  3. It’s true that what we’re told as young people is so impactful! I also had a teacher who encouraged me to pursue writing and I’m not sure I would have without the support from him and from my family.

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  4. I love your story and I definitely love learning why others start their blogs. I am glad you listened and kept what you wrote ❤ look forward to more !


  5. Great insight as to why you got started. I think we all feel this pull to put our thoughts into words. And are blessed when we put our thoughts into actions. Great reading and wish you much succees

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  6. I enjoy everything that you’ve shared with us so far and I definitely look forward to more! I think you’re awesome at what you do and your posts are very inspiring!

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  7. I love how inspiring your pieces are. Isn’t it amazing when something goes from just being yours to being shared with someone you love? Embrace all the wonderful adventures life has to offer.

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  8. God should be the first we open our mouths everyday when we wake up to thank for the new day and all the things he gives us!


  9. If some of your posts will be dated a few years back, I’m more interested to read them now! You can always add something at the end about how you feel now with what you wrote before.

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