The Norma Jeanes

Phot credit: unknown
Photo credit: unknown

    I don’t love her because she’s a legend. I love her because of her story. Why? Because it’s many people’s story. They too want the world to see them for who they want to be. Many people didn’t know her story until her death. She wanted the world to see her exactly as what we saw…




    But what her husbands and people who worked close with her saw was a sad abandoned little girl who wanted to be noticed, treasured, and loved. One of her ex-husbands never stopped loving her. He would often visit her gravestone after her death. They too may have called her Marilyn Monroe, but they still saw Norma Jeane. Even with her name change she was still little Norma on the inside screaming for love.

Photo credit :unknown

  I don’t know Marilyn Monroe. But I do know of “Norma’s” and I hurt for the Norma’s out there who never get to hear about God’s love for them. Who walk around hiding behind forced smiles. Who keep the people at arms length that have good intentions. Who don’t know that they don’t have to carry burdens that they have been carrying. 

If you are Norma on the inside I want you to know….

 You are loved

you are treasured

you are fought for 

and yes you are desired by God. 

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