Prayer At Work

    Welding…it was what I was hired on to do but not what I did for the first year and a half of my job. I did have a couple of welding opportunities throughout the time which I was grateful for. Fire watching was my job which meant watching the welder for how ever long and making sure everything is safe. I understood that this was an important job but it got monotonous after months. Most of the time I would come to work feeling frustrated because I felt like I did not earn the money which was being given to me. I also felt like I was not being effective for God either but He started to change my thinking through a mentor of mine. 

    It all started with an idea he threw out to me…prayer. Before this idea came along I had been praying throughout the day but this expanded my prayer life immensely. People would receive my text asking what they needed prayer for. God used this time in the beginning of my job to be effective for Him, our relationship, and the people I interacted with.

    “I always knew he was praying for me when we were friends.” – Mihaela

     As time went on this process changed my thinking and allowed me to have contentment because my identity did not rest in working hard every day. Though like most guys we want to work hard and I yearned for it, but Christ is my centerpiece. Being up to date on just how exactly I could pray for people was the highlight of my day. I hope you guys are encouraged with how God can turn something seemingly boring into an awesome time in prayer.