A Love We Can Give

  Our journey began with hurt.    Tears weld in my eyes when I think of the lives some children are born into. The children who don’t have a mommy and daddy who love each other. Who wake up and think to themselves ‘how did I even make it to today?‘ The children who don’t … More A Love We Can Give

Hurricane Voice

I have always been known for being loud. VERY LOUD  When I talk Sneeze Laugh  Hiccup even when I walk.  Most of the time I don’t even know I am walking heavy, or if my voice is projecting. But when I feel unheard that squeaky wheel screams from the inside.  When I was younger I … More Hurricane Voice

Mama Bird

My reason for wanting a mama bird shirt is because the memory behind this book is close to my heart. My mom read it to me when I was little. It was no secret that I was adopted.  My mom was always open with me about it and never sugar coated anything. But kept the … More Mama Bird

Beauty Unseen

They believe her screams are tantrums. I know they are screams for help. Only a help God can give. Because he knows her deepest cries. They say her tears are attention seeking. And they are, the attention she always needs. They rebuke me for holding her close. I wont apologize for making up what was lost. They … More Beauty Unseen

Babies Greive

    If it’s any stage in lives where we are the most real with our feelings it’s when we are babies. About six years ago I learned something knew about people and a lot of things started to make more sense. Babies can grieve.      I believe that the nine months growing  in a … More Babies Greive

Name Change

I am happy with this change but it has been confusing, and I know it will take time. “Ma’am what is your name?” The person over the phone asks as I prepare for a women’s retreat. I froze. “Mihaela…aaahh” In that moment I had no idea what to say. Being a newlywed for a few … More Name Change

Identity Crisis

    I opened an envelope written in Romanian. Silvia reads the letter. “It’s from your birth family. Wait this guy claims to be your dad.”     I stand silent.  She asks if I want to see him on the CD.  “Yes.”     It wasn’t the I’m craving the empty void inside me … More Identity Crisis

Life Verse

It hits home for me every time.  John 14:18 “I will not leave you as orphans; I will come to you.”   The context of this verse is Jesus promising us the Holy Spirit. Jesus is with us in spirit if we accept him as our savior. I was once abandoned and rejected by the world … More Life Verse