Something BIG Something Beautiful

Peter and I are going to be foster parents! Right now we are slowly dipping our feet in the water by starting with respite care for ages 18 months and younger. We are hoping to get our first placement in September 2017.  

For those who know me personally or have read my story you already know how  passionate I am about adoption. 

Peter and I have a very high respect for full time foster parents and have been waiting for the right time to start. We have talked about waiting until our first child bio/or adopted had been with us for a year. But after speaking with a friend who told us respite is a high need, my heart couldn’t take it. We prayed, talked and decided.  A week went by, we asked for her card, and began the process. 

“We prayed, talked, and decided.”

 Full time foster parents and those who adopt are hero’s. They are the front line of ending child abuse, and giving children hope. And we are the people are in the back ground saying “Keep on keeping on” that is why we are choosing to do respite care. This is something that has been heavy on my heart even before Peter and I got married.  

We are aware of the emtional hurts are going to come. The people who don’t understand. That some might even shame us for starting only two years into our marriage. But when God puts something this heavy on our hearts and has blessed us beyond belief how can we not? It might be confusing to the world but maybe because this love is not of the world. 



19 thoughts on “Something BIG Something Beautiful

  1. I thought this was well written and beautiful that you guys will be that blessing to other lives. We will lift you up in prayer!


  2. I am so excited and excited overjoyed for you both! What the Lord has laid in your heart ,let not any man put to shame!!!
    I pray for all the emotional and mental strength needed to be foster parents ,to be able to lift all the kids coming your home to feel the presence of our Loving Heavenly Father .


    Diana (


  3. Hyla, I can’t think of anything more wonderful that what you are doing. Thank you for sharing this on the #Sundaythoughts link up so others can pray for this journey. Please keep me posted on your news so I can pray for you and Peter and your new additions!

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  4. I agree, foster parents are heroes. I have known my share of FINE ones, and they do an exceptional service and ministry and deserve to be supported and encouraged!! 14 years ago…….. my husband and I tried to adopt a young man whom we loved, who had been in foster care for 4 years….. I have a post in draft, telling something of our story. God bless you and protect you in this love ministry.


  5. […] own reasons for parenting the way they feel is best for their child. Peter and I have began our foster care journey  and I have gotten plenty of unnecessary advice and questioning as to why we are not pregnant […]


  6. […] they house hop children. We started with intentions with a hope to adopt and get out. After doing respite for six children now we know we do not want to stay in the system very long. But we will stay as […]


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