Beauty Unseen

They believe her screams are tantrums. I know they are screams for help. Only a help God can give. Because he knows her deepest cries. They say her tears are attention seeking. And they are, the attention she always needs. They rebuke me for holding her close. I wont apologize for making up what was lost. They … More Beauty Unseen

Bible School

This October Peter and I be going to Bible school! Contenders Discipleship initiative is a free two year Bible school that gives Biblical education while mentoring students for full time ministry. I never thought of even going back to school. But when we were told it was for FREE and it is two years of … More Bible School


We have too many things in our lives and too many directions we can be pulled. Where do we start to line up our priorities? What things mean the most to us in the end? In this life as Christians our first priority must be Christ and the relationship that we have with Him. Yes … More Priority

Our Vows

  When I started writing and thinking about what to post for our big year anniversary this writing started off very gloomy, but then… I recalled our vows. I recalled the day I recalled our Purpose . As I was looking through my pictures trying to figure out what  to post for our big one … More Our Vows

Anticipating CHRISTmas

Do you remember being a child around  Christmas? Do you remember the giddy feeling you’d get as soon as you’d see those presents under the Christmas tree? All the wonder and curiosity of what’s inside danced in your mind. And that is why this family celebrates Christmas this way. Instead of hiding the gifts the … More Anticipating CHRISTmas

Build Don’t Break

    As a newlyweds Peter and I have been working on surrounding ourselves in a community of encouragement. These next few years are years of preparation as we expand on our family. Although I’m an introvert I am learning how important it  really is to have a good community.    We have come to … More Build Don’t Break