The Year of Rebuilding

This year has been my most favorite year of our marriage. So much rebuilding and healing has taken place this past year. We had unknown trials ahead as does any newly wed couple. Ours became dysfunctional and began colliding more each day. In our innocence we were in survival mode. The collision became more painful as our family grew. Again in our innocence we didn’t understand why we felt like we were struggling to connect, to communicate, work together, and understand one another. I also had to come to terms with how much we as individuals changed in the the past years and will change as a couple. The Peter I married seven years ago isn’t going to stay the same. Because there needs to be room for growth. With trauma counseling for the both of us these past few years we began to understand, become more sympathetic toward one another, communicate, use teamwork, and encourage. But this meant visiting wounds we didn’t know about or didn’t know how to face. This meant being patient with one another’s pace in our growth.

Some say that seven years is the year couples are sick of one another. For us it feels like the beginning.

Happy 7 years!

One thought on “The Year of Rebuilding

  1. Your determination and vulnerability bless my heart! Oh, my, if only all couples would fight the good fight like you two have. God will definitely use your lessons to help many others. Love you and can’t wait to have dinner together. Lisa and I can’t seem to mesh! I haven’t forgotten, that’s for sure. Love you, Gram

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