Before God

Before God I was afraid. Before God my journey was strayed. Before God I freeze. Before God I fall on my knees. Before God I drop my desires. Inside he starts his fire. Before God purpose wasn’t real. Before God I didn’t know I could heal. Before God nothing else stands. Before God my heart … More Before God

Be My Escape

Dropping my goals my drink numbs my soul Everyday strife Labor for life I leave the room with out a care Cigarette smoke of relief lingers in the crisp air Bloods drips from my shaken wrist Why was God so easy to resist? As the blade hits the floor I give up on this war … More Be My Escape

Take the Stand

Fifteen year old boy hears about life coming from dust, and how God is the only one he can honestly trust. So young boy takes a stand and gives his life to God’s hand. Day by day his battle goes on, fighting with his flesh because he old him is gone. His peers question his … More Take the Stand

Goodwill Boys

    The other day I was thinking about all the things in my life that are either cheap or used, my clothes, my car, and even my guitar. Then memories of other cheap things came to mind, weak friendships was one of them. This poem is about people, specifically some guys, who say what … More Goodwill Boys


Can one really escape them self? My answer is yes! Reflection in the mirror Makes the sad reality clearer Thinking your hiding behind your mask Hoping to ease the task Taken by its own hands The soul will still stand An uncontainable strength where death can only decide it’s fate But it’s not something you … More Surrender

Quick Sand

Have you ever seen some one you love become a stranger? Have you ever seen the power of drugs in its prime? Knowing better from the start now losing things you’ve held so close to your heart. Suffocating in the quicksand of addiction. Everything you say is fiction eyes blinded from direction mind losing connections … More Quick Sand

Confident Child

Baby girl takes a step then falls as she toddles down the halls. She stands up to reach her destiny and tries again with no enmity. Little girl scrapes her skin. Then gets back on her bike with a grin. Teenage girl wakes up to face strife knowing it’s the reality of life. Society tells … More Confident Child

Drink My Dear

Shot 1 Shot 2 Shot 3 So thirsty Substitute the hurt Not asking what its worth Sadistic behavior Your savior You call it booze, liquor, wine, whisky, and beer But I call it rape, welfare, bruises, scars, and fear Innocent eyes know the names Still, you feel no shame Sailor Jerry, Hard Mikes, Jagermeister Destroyer … More Drink My Dear


4/21/12 Believe it or not this poem was one of the hardest for me to write. It was actually supposed to be written a month ago. But I never really had the time to sit down and do it. With a lot of studying, looking up verses and putting in my own experiences I had … More WANTED

Sayanara Heartache

I frown as I finish signing my name on the pain contract Knowing how my heart will react Prolonging foolish decisions Unerased revisions Speechless I sit in my shame Knowing who to blame I run and run and run Saying sayanara to the foolish things I’ve done It’s time to redeem my spirit Heartache just … More Sayanara Heartache