Goodwill Boys

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    The other day I was thinking about all the things in my life that are either cheap or used, my clothes, my car, and even my guitar. Then memories of other cheap things came to mind, weak friendships was one of them. This poem is about people, specifically some guys, who say what we want to hear, do half the things we want, only to keep us around for as long as we’ll stick around. But should we settle for good? Or do we hold out for best? Maybe best will never come? Will we lower our standards because it’s in front of us? Readers Best already came! (John 3:16-17)


The shirts that rip and tear
telling you the empty promises that they will be there.

They come with visible stains
causing your heart pain.

Unaware of the stories the shirts hide, you wonder if trying one on will help you decide.

With prince charming actions the thread still pulls.
Yet, it insists it will make life full.

Sitting at arms length,
does your lack of self-control give up all strength?

Or do you walk away from the sweet deals
waiting not for a goodwill boy, but for something real.

April 23rd, 2014

By: Mihaela Chamberlain

27 thoughts on “Goodwill Boys

  1. Through my single years, I met and stuck around for too many goodwill guys. I truly get this. I finally learned what TRUE love is… But in my search, I went through many Prince Charmings feeling so discouraged! Christ’s love is the example we must go by, when measuring the love and affection and treatment from a man. ❤

    No woman should be used. Unfortunately, so many are. Same goes the other way around, because I do know that happens too!


    • Yes Chris I think you would like my writing First love. It talks about Christ being our first most important in our lives.


  2. Guarding our hearts and learning what love looks like is something we are trying to teach our kids. We are hoping that learn that settling is not what love looks like. Love looks like Christ first and someone who loves them should be looking to Christ too.

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  3. Such a wonderful tips for young ladies. These is very helpful to them they would like these one i swear it. Such a lovely post.


  4. This reminds me of young love. It’s normally the ones that lures us through their sweet words that captures our hearts only to waste our time.


  5. Even though i never guarded my heart at all when i was younger and have been hurt many times because of it i STILL love with everything i have because what kind of life would it be if i’m cautious at all.


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