Date Night Jars

My husband and I have one of these and we love it!  What I love about these is you can make them how ever you want! You don’t have to use a mason jar like us. A simple list might just do the trick. Dates: Romantic: *Bed and breakfast *go to a hotel *hiking *go … More Date Night Jars

Our Vows

  When I started writing and thinking about what to post for our big year anniversary this writing started off very gloomy, but then… I recalled our vows. I recalled the day I recalled our Purpose . As I was looking through my pictures trying to figure out what  to post for our big one … More Our Vows

The Bold Chef

Very few people know this about me…I do not like cooking. When I was younger I used to tell my mom that I was going to have to marry Doctor slash Chef that way everything’s taken care of. Of course it made perfect sense in a fourteen year old’s mind. As much as it was … More The Bold Chef

Our Dream Wedding

    Looking back at my wedding day I would only do a few things differently, but in the end it looked perfect. Who says you cant have your dream wedding? After hearing about how Peter and I saved and put things together, friends asked me to do a writing on it. Here is some … More Our Dream Wedding