Four Powerful Words

looking at peter




Tending (the earth)

    These four words are the words that are going to make our marriage work. They are our reasons for our mission: marriage. There is a  power behind each word reminding us to die to ourselves and glorify God every day for the rest of our lives.

Let us define them….

The romantic part of our relationship that can not die out. If within our marriage we let romance die….we become slaves to a piece of paper and a ring. We glorify God when romance blossoms and grows.

Teamwork that is vital. We are partners with God to accomplish the things He has set out before us. Without God effective partnership between us could not exist.

As future parents we have an opportunity to pour Biblical wisdom, show Christ’s love, and be Godly examples for our children. By doing this they too will learn to love Him. 

Tending (the earth):
This really is another phrase for nurturing our mission of marriage. 

    Marriage is the front line of the spiritual battled field. There is nothing like two people coming together and loving each other like Christ. Satan hates it.
As soon as we were engaged the battles were all around for Peter and me. Our patience and self control were being tested more so than when we started dating. I honestly thought that it wouldn’t be harder but when we say we are committed to each other and Christ it is harder.
My engagement ring broke the week he was leaving for Malawi. The week before that, my car was hit in the parking lot while his car was having problems too. Two weeks before the wedding both of our cars died and I didn’t have a phone.
All the little things kept getting under my skin. Old insecurities from my past were arising. We were in spiritual warfare.  Although o
ur eyes were up and our prayers were constant there were many times we wanted to take the “easy route”. But what seemed easy in the moment would only hurt us in the long run.
We have the choice to fight for our mission. Fighting for God’s glory is love. This is what we have been learning, applying, and treasuring for our marriage. 

Written by: Peter & Mihaela

27 thoughts on “Four Powerful Words

  1. Great post! I think for me, the biggest thing was the insecurity and fear that my husband would change his mind leading up to the wedding. Because of the stress of the wedding, my BiPolar was a little bit more out of control and I was blowing up a little more. Things were stressful at home and I was fighting with my dad a lot. I know a lot of it was spiritual, and it fed into my fear that as my soon-to-be husband saw more of what my worst moments with bipolar were like, the more likely he would be to realize he didn’t want that and check out.

    I was fortunate – though he’s quiet, he’s steadfast and loyal and strong.


    • Yeah. It’s crazy that no one tells you how adjusting to married life can be hard. You might also like my writing


  2. Loved this post! I need to keep those four powerful words written down somewhere, so I can keep coming back to them. In 13 years of marriage, we have been through some pretty tough trials and I know the enemy was out to destroy our relationship & the legacy we are leaving to our kids. Marriage is definitely a spiritual battlefield!

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  3. I think it’s always important to remember your purpose in marriage. I agree with you that marriage is grounds for a spiritual battle. But it shouldn’t always feel that way either. While marriage is work, there should be moments of joy and laughter and fun too.


  4. I love the quote “Marriage is the front line of the spiritual battle field.” Such a true statement. Satan just loves to tear us apart at the seams of our marriage, which is why it’s vital that we invest in our spouses and show love to them.

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  5. This truth slammed into me this year when friends, pastors, married over 50 years, separated — he left her. The devil will fight to the end. Your four words have been chosen with care.

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