Session #6 The last session. Chapter 17     If we do not get together with those who share our purpose our lives could fall apart. I always think of the game Jenga. If too many pieces are pulled out, the tower falls over. That is what happens when we don’t come together with those who … More Jenga

All or None

Session #5 (chapter 13) How much effort are you putting into your purpose?  What are the things that distract you from your purpose?      People? Work? Projects? I have learned my biggest distraction is myself. It is humbling to admit this especially on a blog. Personal detox with me readers and let’s say goodbye … More All or None

What Drives You?

    What drives you?     Why do you wake up every morning?    Session #1     Ok readers here we go! As I’m reading the book Purpose Driven Life by: Rick Warren I came across the questions: What drives you? Would your family or friends say drives you? What would you like … More What Drives You?