Session #6 The last session. Chapter 17


    If we do not get together with those who share our purpose our lives could fall apart. I always think of the game Jenga. If too many pieces are pulled out, the tower falls over. That is what happens when we don’t come together with those who share the same purpose. If we try and walk alone  with a purpose our purpose may seem less important. That is why there are churches and clubs. 

    My purpose is to glorify God in all that I do and that is why I go to church. We share the same purpose and we encourage eachother to press on by praying, helping those in need, and talking about how God is growing us in our personal lives.


    For those who have read this book you know that I am only about half way. The next sections in the book build off of what the first section is about. I hope those who have followed have enjoyed digging deep, and doing my little activities. 

Session 1 What Drives You?

Session 2 Where Are You Going?

Session 3 What Are Your Strengths?

Session 4 Walking With A Purpose

Session 5 All or None




All or None

Session #5 (chapter 13)


How much effort are you putting into your purpose? 

What are the things that distract you from your purpose? 

    People? Work? Projects? I have learned my biggest distraction is myself. It is humbling to admit this especially on a blog. Personal detox with me readers and let’s say goodbye to  our distratons and keep our eyes on the prize.

     Think of your purpose then find a quote that will remind you of the importance of your purpose. Write it down. Make a collage. Save it as your screen saver. What ever you can come up with to help you remember your purpose. 

Here is my quote.

God is not a cafeteria line you cant just pick and choose the things you want from him.


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What drives session 1

Where Are You Going? session 2

What Are Your Strengths? session 3

Walking With A Purpose session 4

Walking With A Purpose

Session #4


  “Walk with a purpose.” Is what my mom would tell my sister when she would go to LaLa land after my mom would have her do something. Walk with a purpose. That sentence alone screams the purpose of every session. The people above know exactly why they got out of bed that morning, why they are walking step by step, and where they are going.

    Take a walk around the block sometime then come back to your journal. Write down the things that came to mind. This is your purpose. “What is purpose? The God in your life.” (Session #1) If it consumes your mind it controls you. Is your purpose included in your every day life? (Chapter 11 Purpose Driven Life) After walking would you say you like your purpose?

    I know it’s a lot to swallow but that is why we are doing these sessions.  What honestly is the most important to you?  Is it your purpose?

 My purpose is to glorify God in all that I do. Parts of my web (session #3) have it more evident than the other parts but I still have, and want God included in my every day life.


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Session 1  What Drives You?

Session 2 Where Are You Going?

Session 3 What Are Your Strengths?



What Are Your Strengths?


Session #3

Could your strengths be used toward your purpose?

    Here in chapter 7 toward the end talks about how our strengths can be used for our purpose. This one really made me think. Here is where another list comes in. Grab your journal this will only take a few minutes and you will be amazed at how far your strengths could go. I’m tired of lists so I am going to make a web diagram, but a list works just as well. On the top of your list or the center of your diagram write your purpose. Then branch out or start listing your strengths. For some reason this part was hard for me. I had to ask people. Then from there branch out or write next to your strength how it can benefit your purpose.

My diagram looks like this:


Then my sloppy list:


I learned a lot from doing this activity and didn’t even realize that they all tie in with each other as well.

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What Drives You? session 1

Where Are You Going? session 2



Where Are You Going?


Session #2

Readers, after  going over session one What Drives You? I have a few other  hard questions for you from Rick Warren in the Purpose Driven Life: When you die where will you go?

Chapters four, five and six talk about how our decisions today effect eternal life. Each thing we do serves a kingdom, heaven or hell. That’s it. Our bodies will die but our spirit lives on forever.

Society focuses so much on living with all the beauty and health tips on how to stay young, because they are fighting death. In fact some peoples purpose is to live. Death is often a gloomy topic because of the out look on it. Ponder my questions death is real and we will all eventually go through with it. 

Where are you going?

What kingdom will you serve?

Often this links with our purpose.

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  • What Drives You?

What Drives You?

    What drives you?

    Why do you wake up every morning?


   Session #1

    Ok readers here we go! As I’m reading the book Purpose Driven Life by: Rick Warren I came across the questions: What drives you? Would your family or friends say drives you? What would you like their answers to be? (paraphrased at the end of chapter 3)

    I’ve decided to amplify this workshop and invite you to join me on this journey of digging in deeper. Some of you were txted and some messaged on facebook asking you what you would say drives me. I’d like to thank all who responded and for your participation, without it this exercise wouldn’t work. 

    As I already said, I txted about half of my contacts, some family members, some friends who see me through out the week, and friends who are still out of state, giving me a variety. 

    Is Christ evident in my life? The question and fear of different responses haunted me. If Christ isn’t evident in my life then I am not living out my purpose. What is purpose? The God in our life. The thing that we allow to drive, control, and live our lives for. As I was txting my first contact I wanted to hit “delete” but instead hit “sent”. 

Fear has the power to paralyze

-Rachel Lewis

I was terrified! 

Here were some of my responses: 


  This terrifying heart check became a huge encouragement to me. I am excited to press forward in my purpose, Christ, and making him more evident in my life. I am only on the third chapter of this book and would love for you to join me on this journey. 

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