All or None

Session #5 (chapter 13)


How much effort are you putting into your purpose? 

What are the things that distract you from your purpose? 

    People? Work? Projects? I have learned my biggest distraction is myself. It is humbling to admit this especially on a blog. Personal detox with me readers and let’s say goodbye to  our distratons and keep our eyes on the prize.

     Think of your purpose then find a quote that will remind you of the importance of your purpose. Write it down. Make a collage. Save it as your screen saver. What ever you can come up with to help you remember your purpose. 

Here is my quote.

God is not a cafeteria line you cant just pick and choose the things you want from him.


Continue activities by:

  • Watching for posts on My Readers page
  • Doing the exercises on your own time
  • Journal it!


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28 thoughts on “All or None

  1. my biggest distraction is my kids… But they are also my number one focus in my day.

    Love your reminders… I definitely agree, find a quote that serves you and post it everywhere for a reminder. 🙂


  2. Lately, I’ve been distracted a lot. Between kids and lack of sleep, it’s easy for my mind to wander and then wonder what in the world I was thinking. 1 Corinthains 9:26-27 is a verse I have taped to my computer and have running through my heart to help keep me on track.

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  3. This is so good! I was actually just talking to someone about this the other day. Staying focused on a couple things at a time is so hard. 15 different tasks in one day. 5 different tabs on my internet screen. The other day I did the same thing all day and while I loved it, I had to force myself to be content because I was so accustomed to doing many things at once/distracted. I hope that made sense! Anyways, thank you for sharing this! -xx Anna

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  4. I would have to say my biggest distraction is myself and how I spread myself so thin on too many projects instead of putting all of myself into my main focus. My kids serve as #2 on my list of distractions, but that is a welcome distraction. I push myself for them, but always remember to smell those roses with them. They will only be little for a short time, have to enjoy that.

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  5. These questions will definitely help keep you on the right track. We might lost focus from time to time so we need to reassess and check if we’re still doing something that will lead us to our purpose.


  6. The quote that I tend to live by these days is:

    “Nothing happens without focus, so when you try to do six things at once, nothing seems to happen. You can’t get out of debt and fund retirement adequately and fund the emergency fund. When you attack one thing and let the other things sit while staying current, things happen.” ~Dave Ramsey

    It has really helped me start setting my priorities straight and focus on one thing at a time!


  7. If I could find my purpose I could better find what’s distracting me. I’m at a crossroad and trying to patiently wait for a reveal.


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