Daughter I’m Here Now

I wasn’t there to dry your tears

to hold you tight when you were afraid,

to give you food when you were hungry,

to help you get better when you were sick,

to laugh and sing with you,

to tuck you in bed at night,

to hold your hand,

I wasn’t there when I wish I could’ve been but I’m here nowI can’t make up for our lost time. But here and now I can give you what you needed then. A hug, words of encouragement, dry your tears, help you face your fears. I’m here to be apart of  the rest of your story.  I’m here… to dream with you, and help you reach goals higher then you could ever imagine. 

To help your heart soar.

To sing with you off key. 

To pray with you during the hard and confusing times. 

I’m here now later than I wanted to be, but daughter lets count the memories God gives. 

I wasn’t here then, but 

I’m here now. 

Your Forever, Mommy

More here: The Hardest Story To Tell: Mine

15 thoughts on “Daughter I’m Here Now

  1. […] close to my heart. My mom read it to me when I was little. It was no secret that I was adopted.  My mom was always open with me about it and never sugar coated anything. But kept the conversations age […]


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