Think About It


What do you think parents should consider before adopting?

Three things: 

  • It’s not a walk in the park
  • You never know what your going to get
  • It’s a life long journey

    It’s not a walk in the park in fact, it’s a walk through thorns. There is a reason why so many adopted children like myself come broken with shattered pasts. There is a reason why adoption exists. The past usually is ugly and so the child views everything in the world the same way, ugly.

    You never know what you are going to get. Some children may be adopted as infants and grow up to be your more challenging child verses the child you adopted at seven. In some cases parents may have an idea of how the child may be but in most cases it’s a risk. 

    Their ugly past will always be apart of them, but they do not have to carry it with them forever. Adoption is where life begins for some of them. You are now apart of their journey as soon as they are yours. You are their hero, even if they don’t see it in the beginning, they will in time. They might say things like “You aren’t my real mom or dad.” on this journey. They might try and hurt your other children if they are biological or themselves on this journey. They are scarred and bitter because they once saw the world as ugly, but you get the opportunity to show them the beauty of the world, and God. Just like a child you have given birth to adopting a child is another life long commitment because by adopting them you are making them yours.

13 thoughts on “Think About It

  1. So important to discuss the other side of adoption, and to acknowledge that at times it can be extremely challenging. Thankyou for opening up the discussion. Chloe


  2. I think all parents are special but the journey and hoops it takes to adopt make these types of parents a little more special if not just dedicated and motivated. I won’t even imagine the days and life prior to adoption for a child. I can only hope the successful parent have huge hearts and patience and prepared to guide that child forever.

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  3. Having a child is never easy, regardless if you adopted or not. I think it’s a huge commitment and it deserves careful thought. You make very good points about adoption.


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