Life Verse

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It hits home for me every time. 

John 14:18 “I will not leave you as orphans; I will come to you.”  

The context of this verse is Jesus promising us the Holy Spirit. Jesus is with us in spirit if we accept him as our savior.

I was once abandoned and rejected by the world but now am adored, fought for and accepted by Christ. I am overwhelmed by his love. 

I (Christ) will not (doesn’t even want to) leave you (give up, move to another) as orphans (stray, motherless, fatherless) I (Christ) will (must, always will) come to you.  Who? Yes, you- me- everyone.

Readers, I know this a a short writing but dont miss the meaning inside this verse.

He’s not going anywhere! 

What Bible verse hits home for you?

My Fantasy Birth Mom


Would you meet your birth mom? 

    I have a fantasy birth mom. A lot of us adoptees do. She likes us. She can do no wrong. But some of us know that if we were to show up at her door one day she would ask why we came. Our fantasy would die. When I was twenty one I had four thousand dollars saved up. I know I had enough for a plane ticket. I bought a car instead. I know if I went to Romania I would go expecting something, but it wouldn’t be what I fantasized. I know my fantasy would die. So no I don’t plan on meeting my birth mom.


On my  Birthdad

How I feel about all this


A Letter To The Indifferent

Dear Picky Adopters,

    I don’t think you are aware of the things your are saying when you say things like: “There are enough children in the U.S.  who need homes. Other children do not need to be adopted.”

    Whenever I hear this I always remind people I am Romanian. They soon get uncomfortable and say “Well it is true.” Yes it is, but let me speak on the behalf of my fellow adoptees who are from international adoptions, because just like them, I am sick of hearing those comments. 

    A child cannot help where they were born. They are innocent beings who just want to be loved. Step out of yourself and imagine yourself with a different skin, hair, or eye color from what you have now. Should you be loved less or forgotten? Walk a mile in our shoes.

Children are children.

Hurt is hurt.

Pain is real.

    Why then do you say those things?

    Who are you to pick and choose the life of a hurting child? Saying things like “Oh boy another immigrant.” or “U.S children need homes too.” is like saying a hurting child doesn’t need a home.  Look into the eyes of the child in the picture. This child has feelings, a past, a future and a story just like you. I hope now after reading this you understand more as to why those words are so hurtful.

-The International Adoptee

P.S Forward this to those who do not understand what they are saying is unfair to an innocent child.


I’m Not In Charge

Would you ever change your past?

    No. Would I change that I was abused? No.Would I change that I was put up for adoption? No again. I am the person I am today because of these events. This is the story that God has allowed to be mine. We are not the only authors of our stories. God allows things that are out of our control to happen to us and I can not explain why. God cannot be fully explained. But because of these events I can sympathize with those with similar hurts and understand fears and challenges of being adopted. 

    Have you ever doubted Gods plan in your life?

    No. In fact I prefer His choice. God picked my family and only He can pick the perfect family for us. Why? Because He created us. Therefore, He knows us best. My parents could have adopted any child, but instead our paths were brought together. This is no coincidence considering my mom didn’t even know Romania was a country. Adoption itself is a miracle and only God can give us those. 


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Think About It


What do you think parents should consider before adopting?

Three things: 

  • It’s not a walk in the park
  • You never know what your going to get
  • It’s a life long journey

    It’s not a walk in the park in fact, it’s a walk through thorns. There is a reason why so many adopted children like myself come broken with shattered pasts. There is a reason why adoption exists. The past usually is ugly and so the child views everything in the world the same way, ugly.

    You never know what you are going to get. Some children may be adopted as infants and grow up to be your more challenging child verses the child you adopted at seven. In some cases parents may have an idea of how the child may be but in most cases it’s a risk. 

    Their ugly past will always be apart of them, but they do not have to carry it with them forever. Adoption is where life begins for some of them. You are now apart of their journey as soon as they are yours. You are their hero, even if they don’t see it in the beginning, they will in time. They might say things like “You aren’t my real mom or dad.” on this journey. They might try and hurt your other children if they are biological or themselves on this journey. They are scarred and bitter because they once saw the world as ugly, but you get the opportunity to show them the beauty of the world, and God. Just like a child you have given birth to adopting a child is another life long commitment because by adopting them you are making them yours.

My Skittle Family

20150405_235007Due to the privacy of one of my siblings the name is unmentioned and picture is covered with a flower petal.

    What was your experience like growing up in a multicultural family?

Growing up I would be very annoyed when people would say things like “But your sister is Latino so she really isn’t your sister? Or “Well they aren’t your real siblings”

    According to the world’s standards if I do not  look like my siblings we aren’t related. If we all have different birthparents it is “impossible” to have a bond with eachother in ways birth flamilies do. Adoption world is different. I do not feel closer to my sister fom Romania verses my sister from America. They are all my siblings. It is like asking twins if it is weird to be a twin when their answer would be no why?  Because it is all they know. To me it would be weird to have a sibling that my parents didn’t adopt. I know it’s rude to stare and I wrote an article on it (It’s Rude To Stare) but there are times I would catch myself staring at my friends and their siblings or parents because they do look alike. It is normal for me to see a multicultural family. It is normal for me to hear everyone’s story before they came to be with their forever family.

    What is the biggest age difference between you and your siblings, and how does it effect your relationships?

    Being the oldest girl that already makes me one of the bossy ones. This has also given me the “second mom” standard in my house before I moved out. Because of this I have learned what it takes to run a house and it has opened my eyes to the reality of not wanting twelve children  as one could imagine. My youngest sibling is 6 and my older brother is 26.

    The ages are 6,7,10,14,15,18,18,20,20,23,24,26.

    Based on your experience growing up, what is one thing you plan to do differently When you become a parent?

    I would honestly say more encouragement. Adopted children are more fragile whether they want to admit it or not and need it. All of us have the sad story before we got to live (adoption) and for some the struggle is harder than others. Being encouraged on the little things like how well they listened, or how helpful they were with something on a day to day bases makes them want to seek attention in a positive manner and not feel the burden of being unwanted.