My Fantasy Birth Mom


Would you meet your birth mom? 

    I have a fantasy birth mom. A lot of us adoptees do. She likes us. She can do no wrong. But some of us know that if we were to show up at her door one day she would ask why we came. Our fantasy would die. When I was twenty one I had four thousand dollars saved up. I know I had enough for a plane ticket. I bought a car instead. I know if I went to Romania I would go expecting something, but it wouldn’t be what I fantasized. I know my fantasy would die. So no I don’t plan on meeting my birth mom.


On my  Birthdad

How I feel about all this


25 thoughts on “My Fantasy Birth Mom

  1. My father was adopted. He chose to reconnect with his father and it was a blessing to him. I don’t know if he ever had all his questions answered, but I do know forgiveness was involved.

    It’s such a personal decision to each person.

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  2. My husband was adopted, and he met his birth mom after he graduated college. They still talk and have an impressive bond, to this day. He hasn’t met his birth father and has no intentions to, either.


  3. Wow! That would be interesting. I don’t know if I would either. That is a tough one. Keep your head up. Regardless, know that God loves you so much in ways that you can’t even imagine, more than anyone ever will be able to.


  4. I’m adopted and the thought has crossed my mind a couple of times, but I’ve never felt any great urge to trace them. Would be quite weird to finally come face to face with your birth parents.


  5. I always wanted to meet my dad. He died when my mom was 9mos. pregnant. But he was in California gambling and trying to ‘get rich’ for the family, so maybe…. my expectations wouldn’t meet up either. It doesn’t matter, I’m okay. 🙂


  6. I am sure this is such a sensitive subject to deal with as the reactions and feelings could differ on every one. To me I am not sure if I will ever think about meeting a birth mom after living a different life over the years!

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  7. I can only imagine what goes through a child’s mind about their birth parents. I think you made the right choice during that time. I’m am not certain about how your mom will react when she sees you but for me, you have to keep living for you.


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