Renovate My Heart

  Dear God,  I compare my heart to a home being remodeled. It has a starting point, that isn’t quite how I want it to be. As all the tools are taken out and the work begins it starts to look messy, and even broken. A part of me wants to put it all back … More Renovate My Heart

Cannon Beach Rain

I love my rain boots! The memories behind these boots always bring a smile to my face. The memories of Ecola dance in the back of my mind as I slip them on year after year. I will always cherish the friendships that were made, the lessons learned, the Biblical teaching, and the peace I … More Cannon Beach Rain

My Blogs Story

For those who work with youth I want you to know that what you say is impactful. Reading the small pieces of my youthful heart my youth leader encouraged me to start a blog. “You should start a blog.” Those powerful words of encouragement year after year started to make me wonder if maybe my … More My Blogs Story

The Bold Chef

Very few people know this about me…I do not like cooking. When I was younger I used to tell my mom that I was going to have to marry Doctor slash Chef that way everything’s taken care of. Of course it made perfect sense in a fourteen year old’s mind. As much as it was … More The Bold Chef

Love Letters To God

I’ve experienced: Loss Regret Hurt Victories and Love just like anyone else. Tears stream down my face as I as read through my old prayer journals and see how faithful God has been throughout my life. I started writing letters to God when I was fifteen; I’m twenty-five now. As the years went on I started … More Love Letters To God

Dear Former Body

As I was rummaging through my old writings I came across a few letters I wrote from when I was about thirteen. My inspiration for this writing came from there. Dear Body, I’m sorry for looking away as soon as I would catch my reflection in the mirror….  I’m sorry for masking … More Dear Former Body

Read and Glue

         This little red book isn’t just book my mom read to me as a child growing up. It held truths that I hold onto today. As I grew up reading through my “big girl” Bible I’d remember every story. The word was speaking to my heart even as a little girl. … More Read and Glue