Cannon Beach Rain

I love my rain boots! The memories behind these boots always bring a smile to my face. The memories of Ecola dance in the back of my mind as I slip them on year after year.

I will always cherish the friendships that were made, the lessons learned, the Biblical teaching, and the peace I had. It is weird to think that had I not gone to Ecola I would have not  met Peter, because I never would have met Jessica at school.

All it took for me was one coffee in Minnesota and I knew as I walked out of those doors I was going to Bible school. Seven years ago. This was one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life.

My rain boots have special place in my heart, with Ecola.


Do you guys have that one item that every time you wear it fond memories come back?


Her Identity

As She let God in, she started to see life from a new perspective.

She became alive again.

She laughs.

She sings.

The more she seeks God, the more He unveils her beauty.

She is restored. 

She is fearless.

She is captivating, because she is His.

My Blogs Story

For those who work with youth I want you to know that what you say is impactful. Reading the small pieces of my youthful heart my youth leader encouraged me to start a blog.

“You should start a blog.”

Those powerful words of encouragement year after year started to make me wonder if maybe my writings are worth reading and maybe she isn’t just being nice. Her blog is here!   When I started sharing my poems with my cousins and a few other people I became more confident in my writing and that is when the blog began. 

So at 16 I kept my journals close and at 20 I published my first writing.

My blog was mine a few years ago before it became ours. In fact it was hidden in journals before even publishing.  Some of my writings are about ten years old.

I am believer and I believe I was given a gift. My spelling may be off and my grammer well…lets not talk about that. My only hope for this blog is that if glorifies God and encourages others in their seasons that they are going through as well.





The Bold Chef

Very few people know this about me…I do not like cooking. When I was younger I used to tell my mom that I was going to have to marry Doctor slash Chef that way everything’s taken care of. Of course it made perfect sense in a fourteen year old’s mind. As much as it was a joke the idea of cooking was still horrible to me. 

But slowly each day with my husbands encouragement I’m becoming more confident.

    This is an insecurity God is working on in me. It has honestly been one of the toughest parts of being a newly wed. But because of our work schedules I am the main cook in our house. 


Sometimes Peter helps me chop up veggies or check on the food to help me keep going. Many times I want to throw in the apron and call it quits. 

For those who know Peter he is known as the picky eater. I haven’t witnessed it yet with my cooking. 

    Since we have been married I have made soup for the first time and used the crock pot. I’ve been trying different recipes but I keep them similar.

    I set a meal plan so I’m only shopping twice a month (that way I don’t feel like I’m always always at the store) and stick to our budget. There were times when there would be a week left until the next month and I would have to get creative.  Luckily cooking allows that. 

Slowly each day I am becoming more confident as God is working out the insecurities in me.


What Peter Teaches Me

He Understands My Heart

Is It Just A Honeymoon Season?















Love Letters To God

I’ve experienced:





and Love

just like anyone else.

Tears stream down my face as I as read through my old prayer journals and see how faithful God has been throughout my life.

I started writing letters to God when I was fifteen; I’m twenty-five now. As the years went on I started really getting into the prayer journals; I started decorating mine or buying really nice ones. I would keep one on me that way if I would get alone time I could just take it out and write. This is how I find time with God.

As the ink hits the paper so my heart opens to him. This is where I meet him for quiet time. This is how I am still before him. I discover things that have been on my heart that I didn’t know where there until I would write them down. Writing out prayers has helped me think out all the insecurities I had then and have now. I as continue so seek him he will be forever faithful. He is always on the other end waiting for his letter. 


How do you spend time with him?



Dear Former Body

He Understands My Heart

Romans Reality

Prayer At Work

Tear Up Your Bible

I Am Overwhelmed





Could I Get A little Privacy?

    I believe there is a privacy that many have forgotten and have used social media or  conversations as a personal journal. Boundaries are crossed that many don’t even know they have crossed. Then every party involved leave at what a could of been an encouraging time, but instead had a gossip session.

    I used to feel guilty for listening to someone “vent” on their marriage issues, financial issues or way to personal issues that I never should of never known about in the first place. I felt like if I didn’t listen to them I wasn’t being a good friend, but by listening to them  I wasn’t. It’s not my job to hear or know someone on a level where God knows them. That is where God needs to be and they are putting me there.

   God asks us to Guard our hearts through out scripture and we must do the same for them by watching what we share as well. 

    Don’t get me wrong I love keeping up with peoples lives and hearing if someone got a new pet, a new baby, or if they share their hobbies on facebook. But I honestly do cringe and scroll when too much media sharing is seen.  Sometimes I wish I could just scroll past in conversations with other women….

 I have learned I can! 

 I have approached my friends in saying “I’m learning about this new thing about myself. I listen to my friends vent thinking I should be a good friend but then leave feeling horrible because too much is shared.”  

The conversation we the have is clean, and encouraging. Both of our hearts are protected and God is glorified.


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The Mouth Of This Lion

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He Understands My Heart

    I cry.

Peter holds me.

I say a silent prayer crying out to God. 

    There are times not even Peter can comfort me. This is the sweet fellowship I get with Christ. Yes, it hurts. But He is bigger. He understands. He is our true comforter.

  The first few months of our marriage was hard not because of the cliche things people told me: house being a mess, getting sick, constant fighting, or weight gain. Actually none of that happened. What happened was the unexpected. Old insecurities rose inside of me from when I was child. Even I couldn’t see my mood swings coming. Then I would fear the next time they would occur.

Why does my beloved have to suffer with me? I would feel a burden for him. I started believing lies the devil wants me to believe.

What if Peter never comes back?

Anxiety was my fight for weeks. When he’d leave for work in the morning I’d hold back tears. The fear kept growing. I would have one good day…

Then bam.


Motivation lost. 

My heart would race, tears stream, head spin. 

Why God does my beloved have to suffer with me? 

The smell of death was all around me for three years.  I carry a burden I shouldn’t hold. But I do.

    Why did I live and they didn’t? For years I have ignored the question, because when it consumes me guilt becomes my thoughts.  Year after year my birthday gets harder because the devil fuels my mind with the lie “you shouldn’t of made it this far.”

    “Earth has no sorrow that Heaven can’t heal.” the lyrics of Come as you are sung by: Crowder are sung in church. The insides of me cry out to God. He is the only one who understands my heart completely. Tears stream down my face. Not because I am sad. But Knowing Christ Himself knows my every thought, hears my hearts inner cries, wants all of me, and is my joy.

Phillipians 4:4-7h

 Rejoice in the Lord always. I will say it again: Rejoice! Let your gentleness be evident to all. The Lord is near. Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding,will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.”

More on my childhood journey


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Dear Former Body

As I was rummaging through my old writings I came across a few letters I wrote from when I was about thirteen. My inspiration for this writing came from there.

photo credit: unknown

Dear Body, I’m sorry for looking away as soon as I would catch my reflection in the mirror…. 

I’m sorry for masking myself with make up and replacing my confidence….

For the times I should of fed you and didn’t……

When I should’ve kept you out of harms reach and put you in the dead-center of it…. 

For not letting the tears that should’ve been righteously shed but instead ignored….

For burning myself out with lists beyond lists….

For allowing my mouth to kill and not save….

For allowing my thoughts to invade truths Christ always wants to whisper to my heart….

Apologies are great but no one believes them until they are seen through action and so body I’m ready. 

I’m ready to take off my mask…

To surround you in good company…

To let the tears fall…

To shut the mouth of this lion…

To rest in Christ. 


A Changed Heart.


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Read and Glue



20151127_115738     This little red book isn’t just book my mom read to me as a child growing up. It held truths that I hold onto today.

As I grew up reading through my “big girl” Bible I’d remember every story. The word was speaking to my heart even as a little girl.

When I learned how to read. I read it myself. Pages fell out. I’d glue them in and read on. Then it became beautiful a pattern read and glue, read and glue.

Because of those memories I keep it to remind myself how important it is to read the word to mine and Peters future children. Children hold on just as tight as adults do. They understand more than we think. Our job as is to plant the seeds in our children’s hearts and let God do the rest.

Tears weld up in my eyes as I flip through each page. My memories dance. How rare was my childhood?

How rare could our children’s lives be?

My prayer for our future children is that they too have to read and glue their children Bibles and then their grown up Bibles.

Hebrews 4:12 “ For the word of God is alive and active. Sharper than any double-edged sword, it penetrates even to dividing soul and spirit, joints and marrow; it judges the thoughts and attitudes of the heart”






Is It Just A Honeymoon Season?


Four Powerful Words

Me Monster

When others see Peter give me a kiss or watch us talk things out when there is miscommunication they say things like: 

“Have you even gotten in a real fight?”

“You know you’re only in the ‘honeymoon’ season”.  

    What they don’t understand is how adjusting to married life has been hard for us. Even our dating season was hard. PTSD, setting family boundaries, change of becoming one-flesh, new ministry opportunities, and life circumstances are hard.

The Devil constantly fights to tear our marriage apart by throwing obstacles our way. Why? Because we love the Lord!

    Going into our marriage we knew that life was only going to get harder. By pushing each other in prayer, Bible reading, in ministry projects, and in our personal walks with Christ together…the Kingdom will expand.  

    As the years go by I only hope to love Peter more than on our wedding day. And I can! Staying in prayer and in fellowship with Christ makes that possible. Marriage is another testimony for the world to see. Some might think their walk with Christ is done and the other person can finish it because they are one-flesh. They are forgetting teamwork and are putting their identity in the other person. Marriage is one-flesh, but there are two people in it. Two people who both need Christ as much as the other. Honeymoon season doesn’t have to be just a season. It can become a way of life. If others see us trying to go through our marriage without Christ being our center then disaster will be all they see. 

   These past few months have been very hard, but as a couple we are growing stronger in Him every day. Sometimes I feel like we go one step forward and twenty steps back. When I get caught up in the twenty steps back I forget that those twenty steps back might actually be us moving forward. It might just not feel that way.

If you were encouraged by this feel free to share.