Chasing A Seven Year Dream

When Peter and I were Newlywed we often talked about our future.

We’d have kids, a home, and find ways to bless people with our home. 

Over time the realities were covering the dreams and I began to stop dreaming. I was discouraged. Some may say I had given up or settled. When in reality I had to work on learning to be content in all seasons. To take in the beauty set before me. Two beautiful healthy strong boys. A present husband and father who goes great lengths for us. 

This Spring a lot of our friends started letting us know they were moving and Peter was looking for a change in his work. 

This opened up conversations in passing and then they became longer. 

Weeks later we then realized we both want to move for different reasons. More talking happened. 

The more we talked the more we realized that Washington does not have what we want for our children. We want more financial freedom and time with our children. With selling our home we are hoping to buy and have the next place paid off or mostly paid off. The past year was also hard with raising little active boys because it rains so much. So we are moving somewhere where we can be outside more often. I am eager to live far from town and have more privacy as well. 

Our conversations began to snow ball into the steps of us talking to our real estate agent, preparing the house and getting ready to move.

We are moving out of state! 

I’d like to conclude with thanking those who have touched our house making it what it is today. 

The Lewis’s, the Martin’s, Paul Catt, John skubic, The Stabler’s, Steve and Sara, Kiana, Zach Ricks, Tracy Reineer, our neighbor Johnny, and The Schauer’s. 

See it here: 

One thought on “Chasing A Seven Year Dream

  1. Hyla, my comment wouldn’t go through bedcause of a password problem. This is a new computer and I am stillworking on the bugs!

    Anyway, my comment is you kids have done a marvelous job remodeling! I will pray for a great price with the sale. I hope we can have dinner together before you go. I still have not seen your littlest, or maybe I don’t remember. I’d love to send you off with a hug, too. Let me know if this is possible.

    Grandma Shar

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