When Time Is A Ministry

After I had my baby I didn’t want to leave the house. I had two friends who would come to see him and visit. Neither of them knew how much it meant to me for them to give me their time and remember my baby in the business of their own lives. It reminded me how giving our time can be used to minister to those around us.  

They never said anything about me rocking the leggings, messy bun, and T-shirts, or how tired I looked, or if there were dishes in the sink. Those simple visits meant the world to me. Neither of them knew I had been struggling with PPD (Post Partum Depression), or that I had been wanting to stay in contact with friends but leaving the house was a struggle for me.

Time is something you can’t get back and can be the most precious blessing to give. 

You never know what seeds you are planting or just reminding believers that God is good. We live in the world of excuses where most forget about friendships that could be made or hearts that could be encouraged by an hour of chatting over coffee. 


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