Shifted Not Lost

I’ve been intentionally looking for things that bring me joy outside of motherhood. 

There was a time where I felt like I was losing myself and the interest things I loved.

My  life was take care of the babies, then crawl into bed at night, every night. In that time I wondered how long I was gonna be in that season. Because it’s different for every mom.

Now that we are getting up only 2 to 4 times a night and not five times or more I’ve been able to have the energy to pour back into myself.

I’m slowly moving in an imperfect direction of gaining those things back. 

I’m intentionally looking for the open time I do have. The open time is smaller due to my new season but it is still there. When Peter gives the kids a bath and after I’m done with night cleanup and daily chores are caught up on. I have about 20- 45 minute window to take that time to pour into myself. If chores fill up that time I still have after the kids go to bed. That is an hour of time I have intentionally chosen to pour into myself in a way that doesn’t reflect my roles as wife and mom. I’m blogging again, picking up my Bible, and strumming my guitar. It’s all in spurts but they bring me joy. 

I’m still me, just mom me. 

2 thoughts on “Shifted Not Lost

  1. I remember those years, except my kids all slept through the night–a saving grace! Mom always told me, “rest when the babies rest.” Wise woman. I followed Mom’s advice and usually took naps, if nothing else to just lay horizontal and think quiet thoughts, ha!

    Hope you can come by and take advantage of the many garden things I no longer need: lots of hoses, sprinklers, electric mower, large and small garden tools, wheelbarrow.

    Love you, Gr


    • Mine don’t nap. But I used to sleep with them. We don’t know when we are moving so we can’t be adding to our collection.


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