Little Feet At 4 a.m.


It’s four in the morning. You hear the little feet heading to your bedroom, or the cry for you.

Mama you are safe.

You are hero.

You are home not matter where your located.

Some dread the middle of the night cries. Very few are eager to get up. When my sister was a baby my mom said this. “I don’t mind getting up for your sister in the middle of the night. If I could I would have for all of my children who I couldn’t go to. ” Being adopted at an older age no one came for my cries. 

She gave me a perspective that I wish many would have. It is a blessing to adopt, to do foster care, to give birth, and be a mom someday. Children are a blessing not a nuisance. Our lives are changed but not ruined. 

Many women have “warned” me that when Peter and I start getting babies 

Saying things like: “Enjoy your sleep now” or “your going to be so cranky” or “good luck because your going to hate it.” 

I respond shaking my head saying ” You make it sound so bad.” 

First of all shame on you. Simple fact: babies cry. They need you. The specific babies we are getting don’t know I am safe. So yes they may cry longer and harder then most. Why? Because they don’t know that I am safe, and I too can be hero and home. Snuggles are foreign to them. As I rock  my bunny in our nursery I say a prayer for all the children who do not have safe arms to rock them back to sleep. 

Mamas I encourage you in the lack of sleep to cherish the moments. 

Hug a little longer. 

Count it as a blessing. 

They don’t stay this small forever. 



6 thoughts on “Little Feet At 4 a.m.

  1. I love your response to those who say those things about babies – I wish I had thought of that when my kids were little. Those middle of the night moments are among my sweetest memories of raising kids – yes, even in the moment when inconsolable cries woke me up and called me to action. I was spending uninterrupted time with my child, when it seemed it was just the two of us in the world.

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  2. Awe, I love this! I was at a mother’s brunch recently and someone said they don’t let their kids come to them in the middle of the night and never lay with them and I felt so sad for their kids! I will snuggle them until I cannot. You’re right, we don’t have long!

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  3. […] for their child. Peter and I have began our foster care journey  and I have gotten plenty of unnecessary advice and questioning as to why we are not pregnant instead. To these women we are not doing things the […]


  4. Children are such a wonderful blessing! Yes I can tire sometimes from their early waking, but I love holding them and caring for them! Thank you for this reminder!

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