Let Me Make Mistakes

Dear Judging Mamas,

When did it become a society where we police each other in parenting? Where we feel the need to voice our opinion on our parenting style on other moms. To think that its right or “helpful”. When in reality it’s hurtful.

The thing is I am going to make mistakes being a mom, and you have made them too.

Every mom has their own style and their own reasons for parenting the way they feel is best for their child. Peter and I have began our foster care journey  and I have gotten plenty of unnecessary advice and questioning as to why we are not pregnant instead. To these women we are not doing things the way they would do it so it is considered wrong. These are the women who have the “perfect children” with the perfect picture lives. 

 Believe me “perfect moms” I will forget things. 

I will be late. 

And I will lose things too. 

Not on purpose. 

But because just like you I am learning and growing just as you were. Mistakes will happen and that is part of the process. I refuse to be caught up in the lies society tells us. I refuse to carry a blanket of guilt on myself for every mistake I make. Parenting is hard and takes time to adapt to as both you and the child grows.

Instead of using our lazer judging eyes lets bring the unite in motherhood meaning to life. Lets give  an extra diaper to the mama who is down to their last. Lets pass the sunscreen. Bring a coffee to a friend who is just having one of those days.

Because lets face it…..

We have all forgotten.

We have all spilled.

We have all let our emotions get the best of us.

We have all made or will make mistakes on the journey of motherhood. 

2 thoughts on “Let Me Make Mistakes

  1. I think with society today, being imperfect just isn’t what some young moms want to admit and they choose to judge others. Everyone is different, every home is different. What worked for me when raising my son, may not work for you or another. Moms need to remember we are all in this together – raising children to become productive Christian adults.


  2. We all make mistakes. And we all have different preferences. Just because I make a choice on what’s best for me and my family, doesn’t mean it’s what’s best for you and your family. We have to understand that (or we should) and support one another. It sure would make this whole mom thing so much more enjoyable if we lovingly supported one another.

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