How Our First Placement Went

After getting back from vacation we unpack and settle. The phone goes off.

“Would you like to take a placement for a three year old girl?”

My mind spins. The plan was babies. But this felt right. 

I look at Peter he says “yes.”

Without much more to say I say “Yes” We knew nothing about her. 

The next day arrives. I did not know what to expect. When it comes to pick up or children I don’t have expectations. I just go with the flow of the day and stay in prayer. I pray I can be mindful of what’s going on with the child and that we can be in tune with behaviors and how we can react in a way that will benefit them the most. 

I pick her up. She came with me just fine. No fear, just said hi and jumped in my car. 

She was very good with Duke “Brown Bunny goes hop hop” she squeals. 

I was told she was active so I took her to Ahoy Kitsap play area where she could climb and run. I saw her shut down after about ten minutes of playing. I knew it was finally sinking in for her. She is not with mommy. Although, she called me mommy through out the day children know. I gave her space. Letting her process. Asked her if she wanted to play or go back to Miss Hyla’s. Angrily she runs away. So I continued to give her space. Then I set a 10 min timer told her she can do what she wants for 10 min. and then we go.  Transition went really well. She sat on a bench. Looked at me. Smiled and played some more.  By the end of the night she was sitting in my lap reading stories with me.  

me and ARianna for blog
Me reading to her. Sitting on the floor giving her space. Before she warmed up to me.


You see with foster care it’s about their emotions and us being flexible. It’s not that she didn’t like me. It’s the reality of me not being a familiar face. Each child is different. This isn’t us impressing our parenting styles on them It is us simply showing them God’s love. 


9 thoughts on “How Our First Placement Went

  1. Thank you for sharing, My husband and I are in the beginning stages for Foster care and adoption. I love reading stories like the one you tell, melts my heart and also gets me even more excited…now excuse me as I go wipe my tears 🙂

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