What Are Your Strengths?


Session #3

Could your strengths be used toward your purpose?

    Here in chapter 7 toward the end talks about how our strengths can be used for our purpose. This one really made me think. Here is where another list comes in. Grab your journal this will only take a few minutes and you will be amazed at how far your strengths could go. I’m tired of lists so I am going to make a web diagram, but a list works just as well. On the top of your list or the center of your diagram write your purpose. Then branch out or start listing your strengths. For some reason this part was hard for me. I had to ask people. Then from there branch out or write next to your strength how it can benefit your purpose.

My diagram looks like this:


Then my sloppy list:


I learned a lot from doing this activity and didn’t even realize that they all tie in with each other as well.

Continue by:

  • watching for more posts on My Readers page
  •  Responding if you’d like to my open questions
  • Doing the exercises on your own time
  • Journal it!

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34 thoughts on “What Are Your Strengths?

  1. webbing is my favorite go to for ideas and notes, it helps the ideas flow and gives an obvious map to follow as we start taking steps to impact our lives… or for me stories.

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  2. I think most of us do not know what exactly our strengths are, and we definitely need the input of others to find out. The answers sometimes surprise us!

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  3. I love that book! Thanks for sharing your strengths and your journey. Have you read Strength’s Finder 2.0? It’s another excellent book on strengths, and the on-line test is very cool too!

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  4. I’ve been doing a lot of thinking like this too.
    My purpose can be summed up to be to use my life as an art to lives around me, to bring Glory to my Father.
    And that brings in writing, acting, blogging, singing, dancing into the picture.
    And it gets me so excited when I know he’s implanted so much into me to do his work 🙂

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  5. I love this idea because it helps you come up with plans or goals in life. It’s definitely going to help you find your purpose!


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