Goodbye Little Blue

We are moving! It’s so very bitter sweet. More bitter for me than it is for Peter.

When I think of this house I think of all the memories of our first year of marriage and how far God has brought us.

conversaitons on the couch blue house.jpg
Coffee dates

I think of my crazy season He Understands My Heart I think of how much I continue to learn from Peter What Peter Teaches Me I think of all the times we’ve cried, laughed, prayed, learned, sung, danced, cooked, worked out, read, planted veggies, and grew together. They always say it’s harder for the girl to say goodbye to the first house. I’m so thankful for my friend for taking these pictures. 



I look forward to the memories we will create in our new home doing house projects, and for when we expand our family…..down the road.

We believe our home could be used to bless others as well. Whether that be hosting for events, or using the extra rooms to fill it for the purpose we feel fit for it at the time. 

our blue house
Our Little Blue House

Goodbye Little Blue. I’ll miss you. 

on our porch blue house.jpg

13 thoughts on “Goodbye Little Blue

  1. This is so sweet! I remembered the house that my husband and I started our lives in 13 years ago. You always will but its a new season but you’ll always have your Little Blue. Prayers of more memories and things to build on for your new future.

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