Goodbye Little Blue

We are moving! It’s so very bitter sweet. More bitter for me than it is for Peter.

When I think of this house I think of all the memories of our first year of marriage and how far God has brought us.

conversaitons on the couch blue house.jpg
Coffee dates

I think of my crazy season He Understands My Heart I think of how much I continue to learn from Peter What Peter Teaches Me I think of all the times we’ve cried, laughed, prayed, learned, sung, danced, cooked, worked out, read, planted veggies, and grew together. They always say it’s harder for the girl to say goodbye to the first house. I’m so thankful for my friend for taking these pictures. 



I look forward to the memories we will create in our new home doing house projects, and for when we expand our family…..down the road.

We believe our home could be used to bless others as well. Whether that be hosting for events, or using the extra rooms to fill it for the purpose we feel fit for it at the time. 

our blue house
Our Little Blue House

Goodbye Little Blue. I’ll miss you. 

on our porch blue house.jpg

What Peter Teaches Me

Alright I’m going to be honest from the get go. This is a post about me bragging about my husband.

When Peter and I are loafing at home he will catch me staring at him from time to time not only because I’m attracted to him but because I also admire him. Come on ladies admit it we all stare at our husbands.  From dating to engaged and now married I have learned so much by just watching him. 

By him carefully responding to others and myself even when hes upset I’ve learned to hold my emotions and tongue a little bit better. 

His generous heart as taught me that although God provides, he give us opportunities to bless those around us.

When I walk outside of the room late Saturday mornings I find him reading the Bible. Some times as I’m falling asleep I’ll roll over and find him praying even though we had just prayed together. His humble heart has taught me to pray with out ceasing even when we are sailing along peacefully. His time management has made me ask myself about the priorities in my life. 

I thank God for the opportunity I get to love some one and be loved by someone who loves him so much.