The Mouth Of This Lion

James 3:9-11 “With the tongue we praise our Lord and Father, and with it we curse men. who have been made in God’s likeness. Out of the same mouth come praise and cursing. My brothers this should not be. Can both fresh water and salt flow in the same spring?”

     I’ve been learning a lot about the power of words especially the ones spoken to my husband. Wives I am amazed at the power we have with what we say to our men.

     I have watched my husband slowly become a more confident person by my encouraging words. This is a life long skill for me. Because sometimes I am guilty of wanting to mix salt with water. But when I shut the mouth of this lion and let the encouraging words flow I see him grow.

Words are powerful.

They kill or build. 

     Our husbands live for our joy and assurance. When I am short with my beloved I see it on his face “I have failed my wife” this breaks my heart. We stop. We discuss. We forgive. Those moments hurt the most because that’s not what God wants me to be. He wants me to encourage Peter as he carry’s the weight of leading our family.

       Peter used to say he cant learn new skills, but never gave me a reason. Just said “cant”. That’s when I realized the more God was working on my heart as I am learning to become an encouraging wife the more I encouraged him. I have loved watching him learn new skills and try new things.

47 thoughts on “The Mouth Of This Lion

  1. This scripture has always been so challenging for me. For the Lenten season I’ve given up words that destroy. And it’s helped me to meditate upon my words before I say them. And when poor ones escape, I’m convicted to immediately repent. Thank you for this timely reminder.

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  2. Thank you for your honesty. I realized the same thing early on in my marriage that our words and actions are very powerful in our husbands’ lives especially. God is so good to show us how to humble ourselves when we’ve been less than encouraging.


  3. I have seen the tremendous importance in building up my husband with encouragement and choosing when or IF I need to point out a failing. I can deflate his ego with a tiny comment that never needed saying. Great message!

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  4. I come from a long line of great marriages. The one key was taught to me from youth was “A wife never talks ugly about her husband.” Never meant just that. My mother died last year just a month from her 60th wedding anniversary. I never heard her over share the good or run my daddy down. It gives me joy to see my daughters apply that same principle to their own marriages. Our marriage would undergo transformation if we’d follow that one key.Words do make a difference.

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    • yeah!!! I love bragging about my husband with my friends, because he is amazing.Every marriage as its trials and bad talking is only going to make it toxic.


  5. It is so true that our words have deep impact on others. I think both for men and women that’s the case. It’s important to be reminded to use our words to build others up. That certainly should include our spouse. We are trying to work on this. Great post I felt encouraged!

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  6. Relationships are built on expectations just as much as our faith is built on expectations with and for God. For those who say they have no expectations of God I would challenge that as well. Even innocent words that hurt are products of failed expectations in our personal and professional lives. Didn’t the centurion ask of Jesus saying I know your authority, as do I, I know all I have to do is ask. Having faith in others is the beginning of encouragement spoken and unspoken, as people we tend to only remember the last thing said, for husband’s more often than not its our wives and vice versa.

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  7. Amen! Encouraging words from Jenny always make my day. Your post is such a good reminder for me to keep cheering her on as well. Using our words to build our spouse up, is so important.


  8. Wow, I loved reading this. This has been on my heart lately. I just recently realized how much weight my words carry with my husband…they either make him more confident or cut him down. I really want to be a source of encouragement for him.


  9. This is beautiful Hyla and oh so true. The words you use can build or tear down. Just like when God spoke the world into existence, our words also create when they leave our lips. It’s about what we choose to create with our loved ones because its so important. Im ranting now lol but thanks for sharing this truth!


  10. Great I love this! It reminds me of that scripture Proverbs 14:1 ‘a wise woman builds her house’ – we definitely do have the power to build up our husbands and others around us and more and more I see the importance of it. My words make a difference. Thank you for reminding us to be conscious of the words we speak.


  11. “Because sometimes I am guilty of wanting to mix salt with water.” I think this is something that we all struggle with, if we can be honest with ourselves. Thanks so much for this reminder.


  12. “I have watched my husband slowly become a more confident person by my encouraging words.” I love that! We should encourage each other all the time!

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  13. I have noticed the same thing when I carefully choose how I speak to my husband. I’d much rather see him encouraged and confident than discouraged and doubting himself.


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