All The Single Ladies Put Your Praise Hands Up!


Tick Tock, time is ticking.

    I was  inspired to write this when I was told the clock is ticking for me to find a husband. Here’s my response;  you are most certainly right! The clock is ticking and that is why I am so big on evangelism. You see Christ is having me be single now and I am embracing this season. Why? Because here and now I can be most effective for Him. Here and now I am on my own adventure with Christ and am eager to see what He has in store for me. Too many people sit and wait for someone great to come around to start living. My question to them is: why would I wait for something great when that something great has already come? My prince charming is here and is blazing fire in my soul.

                                                      1 Corinthians 7:25-38

    Paul states it is better to be single, because there is more room for evangelism, but it is not wrong to marry because that too honors God. 

     Single ladies, there is nothing wrong with singing the song “Some Day My Prince Will Come”, believing that there is an amazing man of God out there for you, or having a desire to be rescued. But we are always let down when we live for a prince who may never come, putting ourselves in situations where we may need to be rescued, because we are placing our identity in the world.

    Single ladies, it’s time we put our praise hands up! Embrace all the seasons. Even if singleness feels like winter when we have no one to cuddle with. We can come to Him. He knows our desires and our hearts.

Prince charming fought the good fight for our very souls.

                                                              Psalm 37:4

    I do have a desire to marry and serve God in our marriage, but maybe God has something different for me. To some of you this sounds like a nightmare. The hard questions might be being asked like: God would allow that? and doesn’t the verse above just say God will give me the desires of my heart? Yes, yes,  He will. God desires us to desire Him.

                                               Philippians 3:10-Knowing God

                                                Mark 15:17-His crown for us. 

    Single ladies, are you hearing what I am saying? Prince charming fought the good fight for our very souls. He slayed the dragon and wants to take us to his castle , tell us we are His captivating princess’s warriors.  How is this not enough?

                                                  John 14:1-7-our castle

                                           Ephesians 5:12-Princess warriors

                                              1 Peter 1:8-9-He is our joy

***Notice I did not put down the whole verses. We’re single. We have time to look them up***


63 thoughts on “All The Single Ladies Put Your Praise Hands Up!

  1. “My prince charming is here and is blazing fire in my soul.”

    “Prince charming fought the good fight for our very souls.”

    Are you kidding me…awesome, just awesome…those are wonderful, incredible, fantastic, amazzazing words.

    Well you are doing, Padawan.

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  2. I love this post! I’m not single but if I was, this would definitely cheer me up and you are right – no man = more time for Jesus!
    Whenever my husband works out of town, I spend double the time in the word and praying and even squeeze in a Wednesday service LOL!

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  3. You are very right in saying you don’t need to waste your time as a single! I think it is hard for everyone to remember that life doesn’t begin once you get married. Life began at birth and we must be willing to serve in whatever stage of life God is giving us at any given moment.

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    • I agree so many people ask when was I gonna get married or find somebody. or that they’d be praying I’d find someone. Now the question is….”when are you guys having kids?”


  4. There’s always something next… we’ll always be waiting for the next thing, husband, kids, retirement… until we get to our ultimate destination. There is beauty in the waiting if we choose to see it. Great post here! Although it confused me with your header pic until I saw the post date. 🙂 Happy to find you in the Christian Women’s Blogger Group.

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  5. This is great Hyla! And you’re right, our purpose is so much greater than a relationship status. Thanks for sharing your thoughts ❤️


  6. You have such a gift of encouragement! Ibwish all those lonely single years I had someone like you to offer hope! I met my hisband at 35 and had my son at 40! God was surely with me but I didn’t have faith back then and so needed your words! Keep inspiring! And the prince is always Christ..I think women need to change the Cinderella story as you suggest here!

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  7. OMG how beautiful this is epsecially after reading your post about your wedding. Serve the Father where you are, so beautiful!


  8. Being single is a time to make yourself stronger as an individual and as a woman. We need to be able to stand on our own, with the help of Jesus and our faith, that’s going to be so much easier. These are all so inspiring and empowering.

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  9. I love so much about this post – it fits wonderfully with a book I read years ago called “Do You Think I’m Beautiful?”

    But that last line about being single and having time to look up the verses? Started my day with a laugh – thanka for that.

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    • So true! I got married way earlier then I thought I would. I was willing to wait longer, but now I have been married over a year.


  10. It is amazing how often we don’t find contentment with where we are currently and always looking to the next thing without enjoying the present. I struggle with contentment from time to time and find this to be a great reminder that when we run to Him and take pleasure in Him, we have all that we need!

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    • Yeah so many people want to rush to the next season of life, when we all including myself need to stop and see what we should be doing in the season we are in.

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  11. I agree! I am now 26 and people are asking when I will be getting married! It’s crazy! I have no boyfriend right now but I am in no way pressured. I am just enjoying my life. You don’t really need to be in a relationship to be happy, right?

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  12. Amen to this! I am single & have no plans of getting married. Probably not yet. I really do not see the reason why my older friends are stressing so much about it. My friends who are the same age – a lot of us aren’t married and we’re getting close to our mid-30s. We all see that there’s no need to rush. I always tell people that if it’s meant to be, it will happen in GoD’s perfect time.


    • You are smart! yeah those who do rush too fast end up divorced. They dont think of marriage as a life long commitment but as a way of fixing their problems.


  13. interesting post. I was single for some time and focussed on me and my relationship with myself, then when mr right did come along i was ready even though it took many years.

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  14. ***Notice I did not put down the whole verses. We’re single. We have time to look them up***

    lol , loved that. Keeping the faith in love for self/Creator will lead to a match made in heaven I believe ❤

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  15. I couldn’t wait to get married and have babies. It took me a lot longer than I would have liked, but it all happened like it was supposed to.


  16. I used to read a lot of these verses when I was single. No matter where you are in life, God has a reason for you to be there and a way to serve him somehow, people just need to realize that. I am so glad that you have!

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  17. Loved it dear….there is always the constant pressure on single women to either look out for or keep waiting for the perfect man…..lots of precious time just lost in waiting….time that can be used for a higher purpose


  18. I don’t think there is anything wrong with staying single. Most of the powerful women are single. Like Oprah (single for so long) is amazing. She did the most good for this world that I have ever seen. Most all while she was single.


  19. Thank you for posting this! Some people believe that they need to get married because marriage will make them happy, but I say that happiness starts from within. If you are not happy with yourself, there’s no way you can expect to find happiness in someone else. Being single is a blessing, not a curse! I have an intimate, relationship with God, and Jesus is my true Companion so until God decides to turn the page, I will continue to enjoy my season of singleness.

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