The Worshiping Mom


                                      1 Corinthians 10:31

So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all  for the glory of God.

The house is a tornado. Her children run around wild and free. The sound of glass breaking rings in her ears. 

She is in tune with Christ.

She remains calm, or laughs to herself when she sees how they’ve tried to feed the dog again with its overflowing dog bowl. 

She is not lazy. No. 

She just knows who is in control.

Paint is spilled, by her little one.

She is reminded by the great creator.

As her child comes in screaming, because he has yet another wound to show her. 

She recalls how God hears our cries.

Others may frown at this women, but pause and see why she lets go and lets God.

See why her house is chaotic and her children run free. 


See how she is in tune with God.

31 thoughts on “The Worshiping Mom

  1. Yes, God is in control. Being a calm mother has a major impact on her children’s childhood. I wish I could say I’m always calm, but chaos doesn’t work for us. My calm is derived from the routines, lists, plans, schedules. A time and place exists for this “freedom.” I think this is a sweet post because I believe most of us mothers feel as though this is our day to day, but it is also important to give a pat on the back to those who take the time to plan activities, go on walks, and make sure their kiddos are having their own quiet time with the Lord. Being a parent is crazy! You’ve sure captured that.

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  2. It’s never easy to maintain a household full of kids and with pets too! It can get pretty crazy but with God as your guide, everything will be okay. No need to aim for perfection, just give it your best.

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  3. Sometimes you just have to give into the day.. and all the things that would normally drive us insane. Kids funning around freely? I can relate. It’s an everyday thing in our home.

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  4. I needed this today. You have no idea. At our Wednesday night bible studies, my kids were bouncing off the walls and make it sooo hard for me to teach. Frustration was setting in for sure, and I sent everyone to bed early when we got home. WE are not in control. ❤

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