The Scariest Road

    Have you ever wondered how God or anyone could forgive the choices you’ve made?

          The choices we’ve made are apart of us, but don’t have to define us. 

             I’m going to tell you a story about a girl who forgot her first love. She made one choice and it led to sinning. She took a road and got lost. She was afraid at first, but then was curious and saw how different it was from the other road she had taken before. On the road, there were thorns and rocks that cut her feet up. At first it hurt, but soon she ignored them, justified them, and told herself she could walk through them alone. Her feet bled. Farther along, the thorns had grown as tall as trees. She tried to push through. Regretting her choice, her whole body bled. “God what should I do?” she asked stepping back. 

         “Stop hurting yourself!” He cried through tears. Oh how it hurt him to see His little girl trying to push through the pain. 

       She stepped back for second, and realized that going through would only hurt. Wrapping up her wounds she thought it would help make her feet bleed less. Again, she persisted through the thorns. More blood was spilled as the wounds were becoming deeper. “God what should I do?!” she screamed.

       “Daughter stop. Please stop! There is another way.” He pleaded.

      She stepped back and decided to chop through it with a machete. She lost it in the thorny mess. The sky was getting darker as time passed. More blood dripped. She could hardly see her feet in the blood that was covering them. Pushing through again, her body hated her for this. Finally, after hours of pushing she stepped back. “Oh God, what should I do?” she asked through her hopeless tears.

      “Sit down.” He whispered. 

      She sat. “Now what?”

     Psalm 46:10

      “Daughter I want you to come back to me. Love me. Follow me.” He answered.

      Looking up to heaven she closed her eyes and began walking. She felt water under her feet. Some of her scratches went away as she kept walking through the water and into a grassy meadow. As time went by her scars faded, but remained. She opened her eyes and found where she once was before she went down the scariest road she thought was only in scary stories and didn’t ever want it to become hers.  “Oh God I am so sorry, forgive me, I want to follow you.” she cried. 

       ” I already have.” He answered.

John 10:1-18

      Have you ever wondered how God or anyone could forgive the choices you’ve made? Someone once told me to just keep falling in love with the Lord and I would find that I wont have to forgive myself, because what He has done on the cross for us, is enough. This I believe. 

Dedicated to 3-17-14

21 thoughts on “The Scariest Road

  1. Hi Mihaela girl,

    The longer I live the more I see my own junk and I see how God forgives me again and again for my own dumb choices. He is a patient, never-giving-up, always-chasing-us-in-love God! He loves us all so wildly and passionately, huh?

    Thanks for your story here. It is tender and something we can all relate to.

    Jennifer Dougan

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  2. I agree with the above comment, because I do really see myself more clearly the more I walk with Him. Yet his mercy is my constant companion, and it is when I turn from it or ignore His gentle guidance that I get into trouble. In everything, using everything – even our mistakes and our pain, I believe – He draws us closer.


  3. Beautiful, Hyla. And yes, I’ve been there too. Where I tell God that His grace is too good to be true. Where does it run out? He’s so kind to remind me of his love. He’s taken care of it all. On the cross. If I’m condemning myself it means the cross was insufficient. Some of my sin wasn’t covered by his precious blood.

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  4. Great stuff! I’ve made some choices I utterly regret, choices that hurt people that I really love. But I rest in the same place that you mention: I am forgiven. And, luckily, some of the people I have hurt have i forgiven me too. But forgiving myself has proven more difficult…


  5. God forgives us because he loves us. It’s so easy to justify what we are doing as being okay because “everyone else is” or because that person “loves us so much” but God’s love is the only pure love that matters. We should seek him before all others.

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  6. This is very beautiful! I loved reading this. This is like a love story to our souls. I am glad that God takes us back no matter how stubborn we’ve become!

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  7. I think the longer we walk with the Lord, the further we feel from those sins we committed in our unregenerate days. The greater distance there is between the who we were and who we are in Christ.


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