Teamwork Value

At the end of the day it’s about being intentional with our children. Whether we work or stay at home with them. The value of a stay at home parent is no less or greater then the one who goes to work.

When  we step into the mindset of comparison we take away the value both sides deserve. The reality is, both work hard. There are easy days and hard days. Both equally important. One side is saving the other side making. The investment looks different but adding quality to your lives. 

The days don’t end until the kids are asleep. When the working parent comes home their day is not over. There are still chores to be done, relationships to connect with. This is the same reality with the stay at home parent. The stay at home parent does all the behind scenes keeping the house intact and cultivates the environment for the family.

For our family finding the balance of Peter not overworking and our family still being provided for is our goal. Finding breathing space where we are all connecting and having time to reset is really important for how we want our children raised. It starts with recognizing each others jobs as both important and then staying engaged throughout the day even on the days we are exhausted. Parenting is hard, and exhausting, and we only get to do is once as a team.

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