Peaceful Celebrations

Holidays are meant for family traditions and not to be filled with chaos or obligations. 

I love holidays! Valentine’s Day, st. Patrick’s, Easter, Mother’s and Father’s Day, Independence Day, Birthdays, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas! 

As Peter and I became our own little family holidays were just in passing. Growing up my family went big for them and we got to see our cousins almost every month on my dad’s side. The house was decorated, we’d always get treats, have a feast, and even dress up for some of them! 

After we had Jason I was excited to give him those kind of memories too. We don’t go as big but I create them in ways I hope they remember. We decorate the house, special treats and activities are always involved, and they are simple. 

I’ve learned I’m not the kind of mom who wants to travel, go big, drag my kids to events, cook and bake big feasts. I want the holidays we celebrate with our children to be fun for all of us and not leaving Peter and me burnt out. This means protecting my peace too. I ask myself who, how, and when and what will be the most smooth way to celebrate and make the day special. For example for Easter because it lands on a Sunday we celebrate on a Saturday spreading out the activities and not feeling like it should all crammed and rushed after church. There aren’t any rules on how you celebrate holidays. Only the rules you set! Society may say different but society isn’t in charge of your wallet, your personal beliefs, your children or your peace, you are. We decide under no obligations. That in itself is freeing.

Another post on boundaries earlier in our marriage.

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