Adoption Is Plan A

 For us adoption is plan A. It is not us choosing it as a second resort.  Regardless of having biological kids or adopting they are both a blessing. These are children and lives we are talking about, neither hold higher value because they are coming to us differently.  

Even if we have biological children, adoption is still a hope for us. 

Not many understand why adoption is plan A for us. But the world doesn’t have to understand. In the hurt of this world it is hard to recognize God’s love for us and why adoption is beautiful thing. 

Even before Peter and I were dating he knew that I had a desire to adopt someday.  So we started our marriage off with our dream to adopt.

We did not start doing foster care to join in with the government system and support the way they house hop children. We started with intentions with a hope to adopt and get out. After doing respite for six children now we know we do not want to stay in the system very long. But we will stay as long as it takes until we get our girls. 

Thank you all who are praying and supporting us on our journey. 



8 thoughts on “Adoption Is Plan A

  1. I love that you are planning to adopt. I am an international adoptee in college now and am ever grateful. If I may give a tip, I grew up with the idea of I was NOT abandoned. That my biological mother had to make a difficult decision and follow the path that God set before her so that I could live the life God set before me. I do not know who that is, but I pray she does one day find the Lord. I hope that the Lord blesses you so that you may adopt many children because it is rewarding.

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