A Love We Can Give


Our journey began with hurt. 


Tears weld in my eyes when I think of the lives some children are born into. The children who don’t have a mommy and daddy who love each other. Who wake up and think to themselves ‘how did I even make it to today?‘ The children who don’t feel like their voice matters so they keep the hurt inside while their heart screams. This is why we believe in adoption and good foster homes. It gives a child a second chance at life. Their lives started with hurt but it doesn’t have to continue. 

Hurt is what stirred our hearts to rise up.

I do fear failed adoptions and having to send children back into abusive homes because that is the law. That is possible hurt Peter and I will endure. But the part that gives me overwhelming grief is that most children don’t get a second chance of life. But what grieves my heart even more is that the church of today sleeps on it. There are children getting abused,  placed in motels because there aren’t enough homes or are abused in the homes they are placed in. This happens during the Churches nap. I’m not saying every Church, I’m not saying every home should do foster care. But I am saying this find a way to care for the widows and orphans.  Satan thrives off of child abuse, but we serve a God who’s love is bigger. That love is in us to give. 



13 thoughts on “A Love We Can Give

    1. Before Peter and I even dated he knew my desire was to adopt someday. It’s a huge decision and should be talked about before marriage. Some people don’t want to adopt and that’s ok. Being an adoptee and now an adopter is a lot of work but to us worth it.


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