Cool Connections

Foster care had it’s imprint on us both great and not so great connections with fellow families. We either liked one another or I found myself in the position of reporting other foster parents. Making enemies very quickly. But through the mostly thick and thin it was worth the connections we’ve made. We’ve made friends in trainings, groups and through doing respite care. Although we are stepping back, we are continuing to invest in these friendships.

Three years ago our youngest baby we had was adopted this month. He turned three two days after his adoption day. Now our boys get his cool toys he’s outgrown. As our boys enjoy their new toys it is our reminder of the small part of another child’s adoption journey.

As far as our journey goes, we are stepping back for a few years and working on a solid foundation before re-evaluating entering the possibility of doing foster to adopt. Our original plans have changed, but in the best way. This does not mean we have stepped back from supporting those who are doing foster care and adoption.

No description available.
Our youngest’s new toy!
No description available.
Our youngest (9 months) enjoying the four wheeler for big brother.
No description available.
3 week old (our youngest baby)
No description available.
Snuggling with 3 week old baby.

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