Talk About Adoption


    At a young age I learned how to extend grace, because I was adopted. I was shot with rude comments, questions, and lectures on how to live my life by curious, innocent, and ignorant people. 

     I am starting this series for the ignorant and curious. No more ignorance! It is time to learn about adoption! I have started the Adoption series for those who honestly want to ask me questions on adoption with out stepping on toes. For those who are offended by my readers questions get off now. This is for them and I want to be open and honest with them as well. 

    So let me introduce myself. Hi name is Mihaela, I was adopted at the age of three. My story is found in The Hardest Story To Tell: Mine

    I have five sisters and six brothers; we are all adopted. Some of my siblings are from the foster care system and some from out of the Nation. Each of us are snowflakes, sharing one thing but all so very different. Behind all our eyes there is a broken story to tell, but by the grace of God we have had a beautiful ending, adoption. Or so some think. What most forget is the journey each adopted child takes. It does not end at the adoption day. In fact adoption day is like some of our birthdays. That day itself is the day some of us started living for the first time. 

Ok Readers ask me anything on adoption. This is for you.


27 thoughts on “Talk About Adoption

  1. I love that you are facing the questions head on. In my own struggle (infertility) I face similar awkward, personal and often intruding questions that are really no concern of the person asking. However, I have found that most people who are ‘rude’ don’t mean to be. You are coming from a different place than they are and they are struggling to understand your life. I too have embraced the different life I have to live and have chosen to live openly and to be the advocate of my different life rather than being offended at the ignorance (lack of education) of others.

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    • Yep I agree some people are rude unintentionally they are uneducated on the topic. We can only let them know more about it if they are open to learning more.


  2. Wow this is a great series. I want to follow it. What’s it like being adopted? Would you adopt when you want children?
    Really excited to learn more about your life and journey. Thanks for being so open

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    • Each day I will be doing a new writing answering all these questions : ) you can also click in the catagories “Adoption series” and read more.

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  3. My heart was touched reading this 🙂 You described adoption so beautifully and I love how you said each of you and your siblings are like snowflakes. Wonderful analogy. I guess my only question would be, do you know who your biological parents are and if not, does it matter to you or do you wish to meet them if they are still here?

    Wishing you more blissful days to come.

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  4. This is a great series. As someone who has been having fertility issues I will be following this as adoption may be something in my future.


  5. I don’t get why people look at adoption differently. For me, it’s a beautiful thing, to be able to give hope to a child who has been abandoned once. Thanks for sharing your story, you’re amazing!

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  6. Thanks for sharing this. People can be insensitive sometimes because they are not well informed. Its great that you are willing to educate people regarding such an important topic.


  7. What a great series. I’ve heard the questions strangers ask adoptive parents (or even those they assume adopted) in front of the kids. Hopefully educating people will help keep people from asking intrusive or hurtful questions of strangers.


  8. I have friends who are adopted. I always find it great that people adopt children. I just wish the system wasn’t so hard for people to be able to adopt.


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