Blood Doesn’t Mean Everything


Having a conversation with a fellow adoptee they told me they do not feel close to their parents. To help you understand they are referring to their adoptive parents. So I asked this; how is it you still call them as often as you do and our friends who lived with their birth parents have terrible relationships?

    Blood bonds are deep and I do desire it some day My Hearts Desire with my child, but I don’t believe it is what makes the relationship. There’s so much more! I am adopted and I still call my parents once a week just to hear them. They seek all of their children, because they are their own. Blood isn’t our bond. I am bonded to them because they chose to love us the way Christ loves us.

5 thoughts on “Blood Doesn’t Mean Everything

  1. I heard somewhere that children sometimes don’t have to come from but they can become through you and thought it was really beautiful…I also believe blood ties don’t mean much… it’s the bond that counts


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