Name Change


I am happy with this change but it has been confusing, and I know it will take time.

“Ma’am what is your name?” The person over the phone asks as I prepare for a women’s retreat.

I froze.


In that moment I had no idea what to say. Being a newlywed for a few weeks I am still getting used to our identity and who I am to Peter. Who I am now.

I finally got the last name out. “Echols”

“Thank you ma’am and your email.”

“Yeah aaah Cham-ber-lain” I begin slowly

I had no idea how to answer these simple questions. I had to sit down after getting off the phone. I wonder this question as I learn my new identity as a wife Is this what it’s like when you are adopted as and older child? Do their minds spin as they answer the same simple question ‘What is your name?’. Do they stare at the new last or first name after they write it down for as long as I do?¬†

Her Identity

Identity Crisis