“There is something beautiful about fire. Maybe it’s how fast one flame spreads taking the life of what was once forever, now knowing there is no turning back? Or maybe it’s the colors that make you wonder how orange, red and yellow can be in one flame? Maybe its the lingering smell that sinks into your clothes? As I stare at my handy work watching the wood burn I sit in silence taking in the beauty of fire.”

Photo credit: unknown
Photo credit: unknown

Have you ever had a hard time telling people who you are? For example say your name is Jim. You say “Hi my name is Jim” Then the other person says “No your Joe” So you tell them again and they keep on telling you your Joe. So you think to yourself how do I tell them I’m Jim? Now it’s a big deal, because if they don’t believe your Jim you lose who you are. It’s not the situation where the  annoying kid  says your Joe to get on your nerves. It’s the situation when the  person says your Joe so you don’t get your reservations for dinner. Are you tracking with me?  You see that’s how I think God feels in this story. The Israelites tell Him He’s not God by worshiping the Baals and God says “No I am God” by using Elijah on Mount Carmel. So now your thinking what does the quote on top have anything to do with the Bible? Everything. As we look into the Old Testament in 1 Kings 18:16-39 it tells us the story of how powerful God is. In the beginning of the story Elijah Ahab calls him a troubler of Israel (vs.16) because he came to show them that God is the one and only God (read on…) They than agreed with Elijah on having a burnt offering contest. They would both prepare an offering, but not light the fire (vs.22-24) The Israelites prepared their sacrifice and called on the name of Baal, but no fire came, not even a spark. Elijah began to mock them and have them shout louder “Perhaps he is deep in thought” (vs. 27). They then began cutting themselves and screaming louder (vs. 26-28) Elijah then built his altar, but had the Israelites put jars full of water on top of his offering. Elijah prayed to God asking Him to reveal Himself to the people so that they may know that He is God. Close your eyes and imagine wood soaked in water; now imagine it bursting into flames. That’s what God did that day. He revealed Himself through fire, and the Israelites then believed (vs.30- 39).

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