Elena’s Words

March 26, 2013

When she gets hurt and says “pray for me” she teaches me how God cares about every detail of our lives.

When she talks about the clouds she teaches me to look up and embrace God’s creation.

When she talks about the moon and asks “Do you see the moon?” I say “yes” and am reminded how small we really are.

When she talks about storms she reminds me of Gods power.

When she talks about choir she reminds me to sing even if there is no concert to practice for.

When someone says a bad word and she gets mad she teaches me how to hold my tongue.

When she talks about over coming her fears she teaches me to be brave.

When she asks “Do you love me?” about fifty times a day I am reminded of how many people ask the same question but only tuck it in their hearts

Even though these are the only things she talks about and you’ll probably hear them for the rest of her life STOP “Don’t get mad” as she would say and see what she says has meaning.

I love you Big Wayne!


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