Your Cup Of Tea

I want to be able to pull this cut off.

    I love tea and do not settle.

    Ladies get your cup of tea and reminisce with me.

    Remember being thirteen making that special list of characteristics you wanted from your future prince charming? Maybe you hid the list or only shared it with your best friends because it was TOP SECRET. This list was pieces of your heart that may still remain true to you today. Every girl has a list whether it be on paper or hidden in her heart.

    There is something sweet and real about a young girl making that special list, if the world hasn’t intoxicated her life yet. There is still an innocence to her and an honesty that most of us lose because we have let the world win with its lies.  Go back up to my question. Do you remember your list?  Sip your tea. Reminisce with me. Now here are the tough questions. Have you lived by that list where your heart may of been the most innocent, and real, or have you settled?

    Sip your tea.

    Is it your favorite kind? Would you wish for another flavor?

    Do you see where I’m am going with this?

    You know what you like. You know you wouldn’t ask for a different kind, you won’t settle.




    I am twenty-four years old now and search in my heart for my list. I will not settle. I once told my dad “I would rather die alone then settle.” Imagine with me a girl trying a new flavor of tea knowing she will not like it, but justifies her own choice. She tries it and makes the ick face, pulling it away fast she spills. Maybe the tea is too hot and burns her or it is in fact the flavor? She might try it again being in denial but then soon dumps it out.

Settling for the wrong man is like this cup of tea.

    You and I both know too many women who have tried different tea flavors because the other was “out of stock” or “not in season”. Next thing we know we are grabbing tissues for our friends or for ourselves because the tea has been spilled. What a mess! Settling for the wrong man is like this cup of tea.

     Look at your tea or empty cup. Did you settle? No.

   Look at your past relationships if any. Reminisce with me. The thirteen year old girl is still inside us yearning for that list.

5 thoughts on “Your Cup Of Tea

  1. I really liked the comparison you made here. Although I have to disagree a little bit. I wouldn’t necessarily call it settling, but I do think we give up some of the unrealistic things we were looking for from our first list. If we don’t let go of some things, then you may never actually find someone you can love. I know for myself that God changed my heart and some of the things that I wanted as a teenager did come true in my husband now. But some of the things I had to let go of for something even better!


  2. I have been married for 21 years now. I have to say, at first… my husband met all my qualifications. (mostly because he was REALLY good looking!) But, as you live with a person for some time you notice some things you never noticed before. Um… excuse me sir… those characteristics were not on MY list when I chose you! But you know what? When God chooses the man you will marry and you go in knowing we are all a mess, that we are all broken people in need of grace, you can overlook some of the things that bother you. The reason why you can is because God overlooked the flaws and sin in us, and through Christ, we receive mega grace!



  3. Sweet..I’m way older than you, but I remember saying to myself, I only want a man who loves me deeply for who I am, and I won’t settle. I found him. we’ve been together over 25 yrs now..Love this post. and to make it even better, his father, a lovely British man, when I first met him, told me I made the best cup of tea!! Blessings..visiting today from Christian Women Bloggers Unite!

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